The economic slowdown in India opened Pandora’s box and laid out a plethora of options to be pursued as a career. Legal profession is one such lucrative option where many students irrespective of their streams have stormed to embrace it as a career. It is also pertinent to mention that the trend since the last few years has shown there has been a steady growth in the number of students opting for law from science and commerce background. Thousands of students are thronging to the legal profession as the legal profession itself has undergone a strategic and substantial restructuring over the last few decades. The law aspirants do not limit their dreams to become an advocate or judge. In fact, law has paved the way for law aspirants to become law-firm lawyers, in-house counsels, join administrative services, NGO or even politics , but in truth the prospects are limitless. 

Common Law Admission Test (CLAT)                                                       

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a national level entrance exam for admissions to undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) law programs offered by 22 National Law Universities around the country. The first National Law University was established in Bangalore in 1989. Since then more than 20 National Law universities have come upon different states of India in order to create distinguished and decorated lawyers for the country. Year after year National Law Universities have churned out great lawyers with cutting-edge legal skills in order to cater the needs of the society and the country. Out of the National Law School Graduates have bagged elite corporate jobs and prestigious law firms and corporate houses all over the world. Many others have opted for conventional practice whereas some of them are judicial officers. The commonality amongst these success stories is that the graduates of these National Law Universities have been exceptional whatsoever in any field they may venture onto. It is now an admitted fact amongst the legal circle that the National Law School graduates have a deeper understanding of the nuances of law and therefore are most sought after for the purpose of employment. 


In 2021, a group of driven individuals officially established MMERAK with the goal of making professional training and guidance in the field of legal education in India accessible. The Serbian word, “Mmerak” stands for ‘the feeling of bliss and sense of oneness with the Universe that comes from simple pleasures.’ And we, at MMERAK, aim to fulfill the aspirations of students and young professionals who want to excel in their careers by providing specially curated courses in both online and offline mediums.

Skilled based education holds paramount importance in the current educational structure and industry. Understanding the growing demands for legal professionals and quality legal education in India, we curate law training programmes that are tailored to cater to the needs of individual students. Our curriculum focuses on developing students’ soft skills, in addition to offering pre-placement training to enable a smooth transition from an academic to professional setting. Our faculty members ensure conceptual clarity for various law-related competitive examinations such as the Odisha Judicial Services – OJS, Assistant Public Prosecutor – APP and Common Law Admission Test – CLAT. In addition to providing online education, we also hold offline classes for interested candidates


The mentorship programme is designed to assist the students who are about to sit for their CLAT examinations. The programme is a one to one session to test  the level of preparedness of a student before attempting the examination. This is the first of its kind mentorship program in India to help students who dream to get a seat in the prestigious National Law Universities.The importance of mentoring is least emphasized in India however if proper guidance is given to an individual, one can assess the vast potential one possesses and can share the same towards achieving their goal.

Following are the highlights of the mentorship program:

  1. One-on-one session with decorated Mentors 
  2. The session will be divided into 2 parts of 90mins each
  3. The session will assess the level of preparedness of an applicant through tests and discussions.
  4. Students are required to undertake a mock test (free of cost) before the commencement of the mentoring session.
  5. The sessions will be carried out through the online medium and can be remotely accessed
  6. Mentors are highly industrious  professionals  having varied experience in different facets of the corporate and the litigation world.
  7. Assistance till you get into a law school starting with the right set of information and guidance.
  8. Post getting into law school internship assistance across india.
  9. A way to attend the CLATATHON BOOTCAMP. 

1 FREE mock test to test your competence

1 FREE mock test before CLAT to test your preparedness

Course Fee: 1999/-

Course Start date:  15th April 2022

Contact Details: 9583790909/9583890909

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