The Maharishi University of Information Technology (MUIT) was established under MUIT Uttar Pradesh Act No. 31 of 2001 Notification no 573 dated 06 October, 2001. The University is reputed to disseminate quality education. His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji was the First Chancellor of the University. The University has been established in the lap of nature in sprawling with well-designed internal roads, spacious lawns and Botanical Garden with a treasure of medicinal plants, far from pollution of industry yet well connected by air, rail and road. Maharishi Group is Multi-National and Multi-Dimensional, with presence in more than 100 Countries. The activities of the group include Education, Solar Energy, Ayurveda Products, Printing and Publishing of Vedic Literature, Software Development and System Integration, IT Turnkey projects, Digital Animation, and many more. In the field of Education, Maharishi Sansthan has got worldwide presence, with Universities in US and India along with over 200 recognized schools covering 17 states in 174 cities all over India.


Maharishi Law School (MLS) established in 2017 under Maharishi University of Information Technology. Maharishi Law School is one of the premier institutes managed by the Maharishi Society. This institution is known for its teaching methodology and offers its UG, PG and Ph. D programs. This school also encourages the students to participate in academic events like Moot Courts, Debate, Quiz, Seminars, Conferences, and workshops, etc. in inter-university/college and intra-college competitions.


Maharishi Law School, Maharishi University of Information Technology, Noida is organising its first ever Law Festival- “Vidhi Mahotsava” from 17-20 May 2023. The School of Law at our University is hosting this festival to support its objective of expanding the legal arena above its confines. The Fest seeks to provide a vibrant arena for students to demonstrate their socio-legal abilities and level of knowledge to provide a platform for students to connect, ponder, and socialize to foster and expose their passion and skills.

The festival will include various cultural performances, events and various legal competitions namely Moot Court Competition, Client Counselling, Legislative Drafting and Judgment Writing. Each of the competitions will have a specific objective and motive behind it to nurture the young minds. For Instance, the main purpose of moot court and client counselling is to prepare budding legal minds and give them an opportunity to face the real dilemmas of legal arena. On the other hand, Judgment writing will enhance the practical and theoretical aspect of legal knowledge. It will also contribute towards the drafting skills of the student and prepare them for future challenges of life. 

The University hopes that through this festival, inter-personal interaction, exchange of idea and knowledge escalation will be implemented which will eventually lead to growth and expansion of dynamic individuals. We hope that this festival provides a fruitful platform and concrete stage for many more years to come.

MMY National Moot Court Competition


National Moot Court Competition2023

Maharishi Law School, MUIT, Noida

17 May – 20 May 2023




Sec. (1) The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi National Moot Court Competition 2023, shall be held on 17 May – 20 May 2023

Venue: Maharishi Law School, MUIT, Noida, Uttar Pradesh.                      


Sec. (2)       The competition shall be held only in the English Language.



Sec. (3) The competition is applicable for those students who are pursuing LL.B. Three year OR Five year course/ LL.M students from any college/institution/university within the territory of the India.

Sec. (4) The team composition, for the competition, shall comprise of either TWO members (being designated as Speakers) OR THREE members (TWO of them shall be designated as Speakers and ONE Researcher).

Provided that a team may however consist of only TWO members in which case, no member shall be designated as Researcher. 

Sec. (5) Any additional member, as mentioned under Sec.4, will not be entitled to local hospitality. He shall also be not entitled to any kind of prize/ award in the competition.

Note (1):- No TEAM COACH shall accompany the participating team in the competition.

Note (2):- if any speaker OR researcher is found taking assistance of any kind of unfair means, the team shall stand disqualified from the competition at any stage.

Sec. (6) The Researcher may be permitted to argue as Speaker in case of illness OR any unforeseen event, the permission of the National Administrator in such case shall be mandatory.

Sec. (7) At any stage of competition Member-Swapping is strictly prohibited (that is any member of a team is requested by another team to plead on their behalf) 



Sec. (8) The accommodation shall not be provided to the participating teams by the University. No Travelling Allowance or Dearness Allowance shall be provided. 


Sec. (9)      The registration of the participating teams, for the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi National Moot Court Competition , 2023, shall be on the priority basis, that is, receiving the consent letters of the teams by way of Google form (Link:- ) in the order of sending first. The preference of registering the teams shall be in the aforesaid manner only. However, the discretion of Dean, Maharishi Law School, shall be final. The participating teams are kindly requested to send the duly filled registration form latest by 25th April, 2023 and e-mail at The teams, who have sent their duly filled registration forms, shall be deemed to have been registered for the moot court competition. No alteration shall be made once the teams are registered, the intimation of which shall be confirmed by the moot court committee to the teams registered.

Sec. (10) The last date for sending the registered form shall be 25th April, 2023.

Sec. (11) The date for accepting registration forms shall not exceed the stipulated date as mentioned aforesaid.



Sec. (12) The registration fees for the MOOT COURT COMPTETION shall be Rs.4500 (Four thousand Five Hundred) payable though .Any delays may kindly be intimated to the Dean, Maharishi Law School, MUIT or mail at 


Sec.(13)    The members of participating teams in the competition are mandatorily required to dressed up in their formal wear. Dress code shall be Western formals for Gentlemen and Western or Indian formals for Ladies. The teams should make their own provisions to comply with the dress code of the competition.

Note: Any clarifications regarding the moot court competition shall be adhered by the National Administrator in consultation with the moot court committee, the decision of which shall be final. Any clarifications may kindly be sent at 



Sec. (14)   The formal commencement of the competition shall commence from 18th May, 2023 with the inauguration and shall conclude with the Valedictory function on 20th May, 2023.

The structure of the competition is classified as herein under mentioned:

  • The Preliminary Rounds  
  • The Quarter Final Rounds 
  • The Semi Final Rounds
  1. The Final Round

Note: All rounds, as mentioned above, shall be on the basis of Knock- Out.

Sec. (15) Preliminary Rounds

Sec. (15) (1) The Preliminary rounds shall comprise of Two Rounds of oral arguments subject to the allotment of team codes. In the preliminary rounds, each team shall have to argue twice, once as a petitioner and the other as a respondent. The preliminary rounds shall take place on 18th May, 2023, immediately after the completion of the Inauguration Function that is 01 p.m. sharp. The teams shall be escorted to their respective court rooms on the basis of their draw of lots. The draw of lots shall be done in presence of all the participating team on 18th May, 2023 at 9:30 a.m. sharp by the Moot Court Committee.

Sec. (15) (2) Once the team code and draw of lots is been disclosed to the teams, it shall be the duty of the respective teams as not to disclose their identity. The draw of lots shall comprise of informing the teams as to against which team they would be arguing in the preliminary rounds. On the same day i.e 18th May, 2023 the “Researcher Test” shall take place at 11:30 am. Only the Researcher, as indicated in the team registration, shall take the researcher test, the speaker can only take the researcher test if the team comprises of two speakers only.

Note: No two Teams will argue against each other more than once in the Preliminary Rounds.

Sec. (15) (3) The winners of the preliminary rounds shall, i.e. total eight teams (8 teams) shall qualify for the Quarter Final Rounds. The Quarter Final Rounds shall take place on 19th May, 2023. The Teams qualifying to the Quarter Finals shall be on the basis of Two Rounds of Oral arguments of the Preliminary Rounds.

Sec. 15(4)  The Semi final rounds shall comprise of Four teams. The Semi Final rounds shall take place on 19th May, 2023. The winner of the Quarter final rounds shall be declared qualified for the Semi Final Rounds.

Sec. 15 (5) The Final Rounds shall take place on 18th May, 2023. The two teams who stand declared as winners of the Semi Final Rounds shall qualify for the Final Rounds.

Proviso: In case of evaluation of All Rounds the Memorial Marks shall not be included to decide the merit.    

Proviso: In case a tie takes place in the Quarter Final, Semi Final or Final Rounds, in that case, the marks of the Preliminary Rounds shall be the basis for deciding the winner.

However, in the Preliminary Rounds, in case the Round Total of the two teams is the same, the team with higher Memorial marks will be credited with a win.

Sec. 15 (6)   Evaluation and Time Allocation for All Rounds 

  • Preliminary Rounds: 20 minutes for each team
  • Quarter Final Rounds: 25 minutes for each team
  • Semi Final Rounds: 30 minutes for each team
  • Final Rounds: 50 minutes for each team



Sec.(16)  The teams, participating in the competition, shall be allotted a TEAM CODE subsequent to the conformation of their registration process. It is to be noted, after the allocation of the team code, to the respective teams, shall be subject to strict confidentiality, the violation which may result in the disqualification of such team. The decision of the Moot Court Committee and National Administrator shall be final in this regard.  



Sec.(17)(1) All teams shall submit Memorials from both sides (Plaintiffs and Defendants) . 

Sec.(17)(2) Requirements of the Memorials 

All teams must submit typed Memorials for both the sides fulfilling the following specifications: The Memorial must contain the following parts: 

  1. Cover Page 
  2. Table of Contents. 
  3. Index of Authorities. 
  4. Statement of Jurisdiction. 
  5. Statement of Facts. 
  6. Issues Involved. 
  7. Summary of Arguments. 
  8. Body of Arguments/ Arguments    Advanced.  
  9. Prayer

Sec.(17)(3)   The Memorial Cover Page should follow the following colour scheme – Blue for the Plaintiff and Red for the Defendant. Use of decorative cover pages will attract negative marking. The teams are advised to use as far as possible light shades for their cover pages. The Cover page should contain the team code in the top right hand corner followed by the letter ‘P’ indicating a Plaintiff memorial or the letter ‘D’ indicating a Defendant memorial. 

Sec.(17)(4) The Statement of Facts shall not be argumentative. Any argumentative Statement of Facts will attract negative marking. It may however seek to draw necessary inferences from the Facts provided. The Statement of Facts shall not contain any footnotes. 

Sec.(17)(5) The Summary of the Arguments should consist of a substantive summary of the Arguments of the Memorial, rather than a simple reproduction of the headings contained in the Arguments. The Summary of Arguments should not contain footnotes.  

Sec.(17)(6)  Length of the Memorial 

  1. a) The Statement of Facts shall not be more than 1200 words including headings. 
  2. b) The Summary of Arguments shall not be more than 1200 words including headings. 
  3. c) The Body of Arguments/ Arguments Advanced shall not be more than 9000 words including all headings, footnotes, headers and footers. 

Sec.(17(7)   The Memorials should be typed on ‘.doc’ documents compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 (or higher) only. The page size should be A4; Font shall be ‘Times New Roman’ throughout the document with font size 12 (including headings), 1.5 lines spacing & 1 Inch margin on each side; Footnotes shall be in ‘Times New Roman’ with Font Size 10 and 1.0 spacing. The Participants may use uniform page borders. 

Sec.(17)(8) The Memorials shall use The Bluebook 20th Edition: A Uniform System of Citation, on for formatting of all cited authorities. 

Sec.(17)(9)  The Memorial should be spiral bound only. Any other form of binding will attract negative marking. 

Sec.(17)(10)  No amendment of the Memorials will be permitted after submission. 

Sec.(17)(11)  The identity of the team (except the Team Code) or the names of the participants shall not be disclosed in any part of memorials. Doing so attracts disqualification straight away. 

Sec.(17)(12)  Marking criteria for the Memorials 

Each Memorial will be marked out of a total of 100 marks. There will be separate marking for the Plaintiff and Defendant Memorials. The following will be the Marking Criteria and the allocation of marks to each category: 

  1. No.               Marking Criteria               Marks Allocated 
  2.           Use of Facts and Law                      20 
  3.       Proper & Articulate Analysis               20 
  4.                     Research                                 20 
  5. Formatting and Citation                             20 
  6.       Organization of the Memorial              10 
  7.   Grammar and Style                                   10 

    Total                                                                 100  

Sec.(18) Submission of Memorials 

Sec.(18)(1) The teams should e-mail one copy of both Memorials attached independently in the same mail to on or before 23:59 hours, 1st May, 2023. The soft copy should be in ‘.doc’ format only and should be compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 (or higher). The file name should be the Team code followed by the letters ‘P’ or ‘D’ depending on which side the memorial is from. 

For e.g., if the memorial belongs to Team 1234 and is a Defendant memorial, the file name should be 1234D. 

Sec.(18)(2) Six hard copies of each memorial shall be submitted to the college via courier or R.P.A.D on or before  10th May, 2023.



Sec. (19) The competition embraces following awards:

[i] Winners – 15000/-

[ii] Runners-Up – 10000/-

[iii] Best Memorial – 5000/-

[iv] Best Researcher – 5000/-

[v] Best Speaker 5000/-

The National Administrator & Moot Court Committee may also grant any other Prize/Awards to any participants/teams in the competition.



Sec.20 (1)   The “Competition” means Maharishi Mahesh Yogi National Moot Court Competition, May, 2023.

Sec. 20(2)  “Competition Rules” shall mean and refer to the official rules of the competition formulated by the MCC (The rules can be amended form time to time).

Sec. 20 (3) “Clarification” means any clarification, regarding the competition shall be subject to the clarification by the moot court committee OR the National Administrator.

Sec. 20 (4) “MCC” means Moot Court Committee.

Sec. 20 (5) “National Administrator” means The Dean, Maharishi Law School, MUIT.,

Sec. 20(6) “School” means Maharishi Law School, MUIT, Noida.

Sec. 20 (7) “Rebuttals” shall mean and refer to the set of arguments/challenges that a petitioner shall raise, at the end of the main pleadings, of the counsels for the respondent. This shall be replied to, in the appropriate manner, by the respondent.

Sec. 20 (8) “Unfair Means” means any participant/teams violating any of the provisions of the competition rules shall be deemed to be disqualified.

Sec. 20(9) “MUIT” means Maharishi University of Information Technology, Noida.

For any query kindly mail :

                       Contact No:  9643689252, 9210303690, 9289460910           


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