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Lexavant LLP is a new born Legal-Tech start-up which assists entrepreneurs set up their businesses and projects. In a short period of time, Lexavant has launched its own research journal, undertaken five massive industrial development projects and is going to enter into a Joint Venture with a UK based company.

We are going to launch a Blog, which is scheduled to go live in the second week of August. This Blog specifically designed and aimed for entrepreneurs and is focussed for Legal Entrepreneurs. With this blog, our mission is to bring glamour to our legal profession, offer different avenues for this profession.

The Scope of Blog: The launching edition will revolve around these 5 Topics:

  1. Government Schemes and Benefits for Entrepreneurs
  2. Legal and Statutory awareness for Entrepreneurs
  3. Legal-Tech Market
  4. Legal start-up success stories
  5. Legal Interviews.

We are inviting a total number of 15 positions for Content Writers for this project. These 15 positions will be divided in 5 teams for each topic, each team having a team leader. Applicants are at liberty to choose which topic they would be willing to dedicate their time to, acceptance of which is dependent on first come first serve basis. Applicants will have to pitch their top three preferences for topic selection.

Role as Content Writers:

First, a major task will be writing short articles for the blog. Word limit for each article would be around 500-1500 words. Hence, applicants will hone their writing skills with this internship. The challenge would be putting huge content in the most efficient and crisp way. In the given internship period of 1 month, they are expected to achieve a target of writing a minimum 10 articles. We have a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism, and any account of misconduct will lead to immediate disqualification of the position and necessary action.

Second, applicants will be reviewing the articles. Once the article is written, the article will be reviewed by fellow content writers, and vice versa. This will build reviewing and observational skills necessary for any person in the legal profession.

Third, applicants will be pitching ideas for the content. Apart from the pre-decided titles, applicants will also be pitching their own ideas and titles to write the articles. This challenge will boost the ability of thinking out of the box, and inspire the applicants to come up with their own start-up idea.

Lastly, applicants will have to abide by the deadlines for submissions and digitally market the blog. What is necessary here is that they should market their own literary work on social media or LinkedIn handles. This role will improve time management and marketing skills respectively.


Most important is the fact that applicants will learn a lot during this internship period. Not only in regards to legal writing skills, but also in regards to soft skills like team and time management, thinking agility, professionalism, etc.

Every writer will be offered a certificate of merit, letter of recommendation stating clearly his role and achievements during the course of internship. There will be a best writer award who will be offered Rs.2000 for their achievement, the criteria for which will be declared once the work starts.

To this end, applicants are requested to formally revert back with top 3 choice of topics, along with following documents:

  1. CV
  2. Motivation Letter
  3. Sample self-written article

The work will start on 25th of July 2020 and the term shall end on 25th of August. A writer can extend his/her internship period, the end discretion of which lies with the firm Lexavant LLP based on the performance of the writer.

Should you have any doubts pertaining to this internship, kindly ask us without hesitation at blog@lexavant.com

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