Law Tales’ Campus Ambassador program: Application Open

About the Organization

Hey Aspirants!

Welcome to our Realm, the perfect platform to fulfil your academic needs. We are here to assist you in all the ups and downs of your academic profile. We as a community work to make the process of grabbing knowledge your piece of cake and to help you overcome all the obstacles.

We as a coterie of keen folks brings you the most tranquil way to prepare for CLAT and to provide you a platform to test your knowledge through quizzes and tests and promises to make boring things as fun learning.

We, the faction of ardent people is presenting you a platform to bring you the latest updates of the legal world to widen your awareness for the legal community and to prevent you from falling back in dialogues over legal concepts and updates.

Above all, we also provide you the platform to give wings to your talent by getting your articles published to help you spread awareness among the legal enthusiasts.

About the Campus Ambassador Program

Campus Ambassador Program is basically a campus-based promotion of a firm, organization, company, etc. With the change in scenario promotion through social media or otherwise is not enough, students crave for what is real and reliable. Through a campus ambassador program, they can know about the company transparently which increases their interest to avail the services of the same.

Main tasks for Campus Ambassador Program

 Social Media Marketing- Campus Ambassador have to circulate the e-posters through email, mailing-list, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. They should be up to date about all the programs and events organised by Law Tales’. utilize official website and social media to spread awareness amongst students.
 In college promotion- College promotion include displaying all the banners and other information on the notice boards to promote Law Tales’.
 Seminars- This asks for joint association of the college & Law Tales’ and the campus ambassador plays an important role in building their relationship with each other. The campus ambassador has to organise seminars in their college in association with Law Tales’.
 Interview- The campus ambassador has to conduct interviews of faculty members, students and others to understand the basic problem they are facing and taking the merit of which, Law Tales’ should frame program to cure such problem and making them believe that Law Tales’ solves real-time problems.
 Depending on the expertise and background of the ambassadors, they will be divided into different functions, namely, volunteer, photographer, rapporteur, content writer, etc.

Advantages of being a Campus Ambassador

1. Top 2 CA’s will be awarded with Certificate of Appreciation and Letter of Recommendation from our side along with an opportunity to do an internship with us.

NOTE: Points will be awarded to CA’s for finalising the top two positions.

Point System:
 1 point for each participant he/she brings for competitions
 1 point each for the blogs they bring for publication.
 2 points each for promoting an event in the desired manner.
 1 point each for the number of participant he/she can maintain in the whatsapp group at the end of tenure.
 Points will be notified everytime at the end of every competition.
 Aggregate points will be displayed in the group at the end of tenure.
2. It develops your multiple skills such as leadership, public speaking, etc.
3. Campus Ambassador becomes the face of the college.
4. Enhance your resume.
5. Less time taking- just have to work 7-8 hours a week.
6. 40 percent off in publication fee of “Journal for Law Students and Researchers (ISSN(O)2582-306X)”.
7. 20 percent off in Katcheri’s online courses(


 Should be an undergraduate/postgraduate student in a college/university.
 Should be a self-motivated and responsible individual with excellent organizational, managerial and communication skills.

 Should have a desire to bring positive social change.

Terms and Conditions

 This position is tenured, part-time, voluntary, and unpaid.
 Law Tales’ is looking for a commitment of at least 2 months.
 Maximum 2 Campus Ambassadors can be selected from a particular college/university.
 A certificate of appreciation will be awarded on successful completion of tenure as well as the duties assigned.

How to apply

indly send an email to attaching your CV and expressing your interest to become a Law Tales’ Campus Ambassador ( in a separate word document emphasizing as to Why do you want to become campus Ambassador, Why you should be selected as a Law Tales’ Campus Ambassador and Ways in which you can bring awareness or make people know about the organization). The subject of the email must be “Application for Law Tales’ Campus Ambassador Programme 2020”.



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