Conflict of interests has been a core component of how International Relations are managed. When societies are built on different principles, values and interests, it is hard to reconcile contestation with collaboration. As a consequence, contemporary International Relations has become a ground for great gambits where multiple players display their own strategic skills. But no matter how different we may be, a desire for harmony binds us together. Yet, despite a universal ideal, world peace is often found elusive. This is because theory suggests war and peace transit like summer and winter.

Hence, conflict resolution and advocacy for peace can only be possible by understanding the nature of what creates conflict. Efforts at building convergencies and managing divergencies will have a particular importance in our global lifeline. The internship programme equips young minds to understand peace and conflict and, creates an understanding of diagnostic policy tools used for analysing social and political situations.

The internship programme shall ensure the delivery of a series of lectures on Peace and Conflict Studies, Security, Terrorism, Warfare, Humanitarian Law and Justice Mechanisms. It further encourages conversations between the students to develop and exchange ideas. Lastly, the programme enables the students to conduct research on contemporary dynamics of peace and war studies.

ABOUT IFPD                                                                           

Indian Forum for Public Diplomacy (IFPD) is a Not-for-Profit, Non-Partisan think-and-do-tank run by students from all over India with an aim of aiding foreign policy thinking through young academia. In an era in which Foreign policy has to be rooted in the landscape of people, Diplomacy is no more a government-to-government engagement. The idea of Public Diplomacy (PD) advocates a participatory Foreign Policy and reform process. By putting Foreign policy in the landscape of people, the forum engages to bring forth initiatives to drive foreign policy and reform through national and international citizens, encourage civilian-led Strategic Studies and, enhance people to people relations through research, opinion, dialogue, discourse, and debate to catalyse a new consensus to the world and enhance Indian Public Diplomacy.


  •  Candidates must be at least in their 2ndyear of Undergraduate Studies in any field.
  • Candidates from International Relations, Social Sciences and Law are preferred over other fields.
  • The internship programme is meant for Students of UG studies only. Masters, PhD candidates or working Professionals are not eligible to apply for the programme.
  • Applications are open from August 01st2021 to 16th August 2021.


o   An updated Curriculum Vitae (CV).

o   The cover letter must indicate the candidate’s interest to pursue this internship and how it can help in their career-making.

o   Contact details of any two references – which can be mentioned at the end of the cover letter.

o   A sample article of any of their previous assignments and publications.

  • The last date of sending applications is August 16th, 2021. Early applications shall be given priority.
  • Candidates may be called for a telephonic interview to finalise their selection.
  • Accepted candidates shall be notified by August 20th, 2021.
  • The Timeline for the internship programme is from September 01st2021 to October 15th 2021 (45 days). A detailed schedule shall be provided for the candidates regarding the mandatory lectures to be attended, dates regarding the submission of their research and other specifications upon acceptance.
  •  Students will get necessary guidance from the team and available experts and academicians of IFPD.


  •  Undertake research on contemporary International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies.
  •    Attend the mandatory scheduled lectures and webinars. (2-3 lectures per week).
  • Candidates shall ensure weekly submissions of their articles (800-1200 words, 4 Articles, 1 each week).
  • Students shall undertake comprehensive research on any of the contemporary topics and ensure the submission of their research paper apart from the articles (2500-3000 words) by the end of the course of the internship.
  • All submissions shall be published subject to the quality of papers and the decision of editorial board.
  •  Interested students can engage with the technical team of IFPD to create documentaries and Virtual content on some of the contemporary topics in International Relations.


Last day for sending Applications August 16th 2021
Notification of Acceptance of the Applications August 20th, 2021.
Commencement of Internship Programme


September 01st, 2021
End Date of Internship October 15th, 2021
Date of Issue of Certificates October 20th, 2021

Delivered Lectures / Webinar Topics

  • Introduction to dynamics and causes of conflict.
  • Contemporary dynamics of Peace and War (Afghanistan, Myanmar, Israel etc.),
  • Understanding the rationality of War and Conflict and, transitions from War to Peace.
  •    Understanding Information Warfare.
  • Hard Power, Offensive Defence, Deterrence and similar important doctrines.
  •   Understanding Peace and Conflict through Game-Theory.
  •   Bargaining in Warfare, A Mathematical Understanding of conflict resolution.
  • Understanding Humanitarian Law and Justice Mechanisms.
  • Understanding United Nations (UN) peacekeeping Operations and the role of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the interests of India.
  •   Understanding Internal Security and Asymmetric Warfare.
  •   Understanding National Security – Components and policy approaches of India’s National Security.
  • Understanding Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Settlements.
  •  Understanding India’s nuclear doctrines, Capability and Policy approaches.
  • India’s role in shaping Global narrative against International and Cross-Border Terrorism.
  •    Understanding Maritime Security and, Maritime interests of India.
  • An analysis of Arthashastra and Mahabharat for contemporary International Relations.
  • Public Diplomacy (PD) and Security – Understanding citizens’ role in National Security.


No stipend shall be offered to any of the candidates. But IFPD shall ensure a great learning experience and a conducive environment for interaction and learning to all the candidates. Exceptional candidates will be given a chance to undertake other projects or make contributions to our other activities.

All the candidates will be provided with a certificate upon successful completion of the internship.


  • Candidates shall comply with the rules and regulations of the internship programme and follow the instructions directed to them.
  •  Candidates shall be disqualified from the internship and a notice shall be sent to their respective institutions in case of any misbehaviour.
  • IFPD reserves the right to reject any application or disqualify any candidate without stating any reason.

For any other details write to
Visit our website – 

Or Contact

Ms. Yogitha Jammula

Head, Public Relations (PR), IFPD

Mobile – +91 78422 24509 (what’s app preferred)

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