Call for Assessment Interns at MAK Law Firm

MAK Law Firm is currently seeking a dedicated and motivated individual to join us as a long-term, full-time intern for our assessment internship program. We invite applications from final-year law students and freshers in the field of law who possess a strong inclination towards legal research, content creation, and drafting.

Since this is an assessment internship, the intern’s ability to learn and adapt to our firm’s writing style and content creation formats will be a crucial skill to develop.

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to be considered for permanent positions within our firm based on the satisfaction of the following criteria:

1) Completion of a law course

2) Performance as an intern

3) Demonstrated keen interest in Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Family Law

4) Proficiency in oral and written English

5) Ability to work effectively in a team and thrive within a corporate structure

Internship Details:

Mode: On-site

Stipend: ₹5,000 per month (subject to performance)

Duration: 6 months (subject to performance)

Key Responsibilities:

a) Conducting comprehensive legal research, including summarizing recent legal developments, case laws, legal provisions, and precedents

b) Assisting the team with ongoing cases

c) Creating high-quality content for articles, write-ups, and blog posts

For further inquiries or to submit your application, please contact us at


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