About the Organisation
The VIT School of Law (VITSOL), the progeny of VIT University is one of the best Law Colleges in Chennai. It entered the legal arena in 2014, aiming at high goals to be achieved. The Law School aims to impart quality legal education to equip the young minds with knowledge of law, teach them the nuances of the legal profession and make them aware of the nitty gritty of the profession.
As one of the best Law Colleges in Chennai, VITSOL believes in continuous and active learning simultaneously with practical training. Legal education is not about just mastering the subject or the varied provisions of the law. It is about providing opportunities for the overall development of an individual into a legal professional.
About the Conference
International Conference on Law, Science and Technology (ICLST) is organized by the VIT School of Law of Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Chennai, India with diverse themes that encompasses the evolving intersection of law, science, and technology. The objective of ICLST is to harmoniously bridge the gap between the ever-evolving landscape of scientific and technological advancements and the nuanced facets of law. ICLST is a platform for the free exchange of ideas and robust discussions among esteemed judges, advocates, scientists, academicians, dedicated researchers, policy makers and enthusiastic students within the realm of law, science and technology. The conference serves as an invaluable platform designed to foster collaboration, critical thinking, and the dissemination of groundbreaking insights. Our aim is to encourage publications of innovative research transcribed into academic writings by scholars in SCOPUS indexed publications.
Selected Articles after review will be published in SCOPUS Indexed /UGC Care listed /Peer-reviewed journals /Edited Book. Publication charges will be borne by the authors separately. 
The conference is open to Academicians, Research Scholars, Students UG/PG, Advocates/Other Professionals, International authors, International participants and Participants(not presenting Papers) 
Advancing Excellence in Higher Education Through Use of Technology in Asia
Sub themes
Transformative role of Web 4.0 in Higher Education
Digitalization of Higher Education and the impact on local languages
Impact of technology in Higher Education in Asian countries
Sustainable Development Goals and Quality Education
E-learning for sustainability and transforming the future of Higher Education
E-classes and classroom teaching
Impact of machine learning on Higher Education
Gender mainstreaming in Digital Higher Education (Online)
Copyright in online Higher Education
Asian perspectives of Higher Education
Use of AI in assessments and evaluation
Ethical consideration in use of technology in academic research and publication
Access to modern technology and disparity in Higher Education
The above sub-themes are indicative and not exhaustive. Participants can formulate their own themes within the broader framework of the conference.
Registration fees
Academicians: Rs. 3000/-
Advocates/Other Professionals: Rs. 3000/-
Research Scholars: Rs. 2000/-
Students UG/PG: Rs. 1500/-
Participants (not presenting Papers): Rs. 1000/-
International author: $40
International participants: $20
Registration and Submission Deadline (Important Dates)
Last Date for Abstract Submission: February 10th , 2024
Confirmation of Abstract: February 12th, 2024
Submission of Full Paper: March 5th, 2024
Dates of Conference: March 22nd and 23rd, 2024
*These dates are tentative and may be subject to change.
Submission Procedure
Link for Abstract Submission:
Contact Information
Dr. P. R. L. Rajavenkatesan, VITSOL 
Phone : +91 9840582063
Dr. E. Prema , VITSOL 
Phone : +91 98402 27050 
Prof. Mrudhul M Shenoy, VITSOL
Phone : +91 6238595873 
Prof. Santhosh V, VITSOL 
Phone : +91 7418763046 
Website :

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