School of Law and Legal Affairs, Noida International University’s International Lecture Series on ‘Understanding Criminial Behavior’ (24th May, 2021, 06:00 P.M.) Register Now!

About the University
Noida International University located opposite the F-1 race track, is not just strategically the right choice by location but the right fit for student who are looking for a world class education. Spread over 75 acres of land, offering 150 courses and housing over 4000 students both domestically and from 25 international countries | NIU is Delhi NCR’s Largest Private and Best Upcoming Institute (awarded by ASSOCHAM 2016 and 2018).

About the School
School of Law and Legal Affairs of Noida International University has as its goal to enrich legal education by providing an environment in which law students can begin to learn the art of lawyering by serving real clients, and can develop the habit of reflecting on how to improve themselves, the profession, and the legal system. The School of Law and Legal Affairs has continued to change to meet needs of students, clients, community, and the Law School. In particular, we are proactive about constantly assessing and revising our educational methods.

About the Seminar
The development of civilization brought with it the customs, mores, social institutions, and laws, progressively developed, necessary to control the behaviour of individuals for the welfare and safety of the group. Individual deviations from the established norms of behaviour occur in all civilized societies, although some peoples have not yet progressed to laws. Theories of criminology have been formulated to develop a conceptual framework within which broken law and the lawbreaker can be better understood, explained, predicted, and the problem ameliorated. While these theories include the community, the offense and the offender as component factors, they have not been included in the same proportions in all theories. With a view to understand thoroughly the behavioural changes and the various theories of criminal behaviour, SLLA is conducting an International Lecture on ‘Understanding Criminal Behaviour on 24th May, 2021, 06:00 P.M. IST.

About the Chief Guest and Hon’ble Speaker
The Hon’ble Speaker for the International Lecture is Ms. Leena Amiri, Criminologist and former DNA Analyst, Dubai Police

About the Seminar
Date- 24th May, 2021 (Monday)
Time- 06:00 P.M. IST
Registration is compulsory
The International Guest Lecture will be held on Google Meet. However the number of attendees is limited and the links will be given to the registered participants only.

E-Certificates will be provided.
Submission of Feedback form after the Webinar is necessary to get the E-Certificates.

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