Index Centre for Research Journals in collaboration with Centre for Academic Legal Research Presents 2nd ICRJ Essay Writing Competition on the theme of “Ayodhya Judgement: Past, Present and the Future” : Register Now!!!

About ICRJ

Index Centre for Research Journals (ICRJ) is a reputed international online research paper, journal, thesis and conference paper publishing company headquartered at New Delhi.

About CALR

Centre for Academic Legal Research (CALR) is a worldwide initiative  by students of law school with the aim to fill the void present in high quality legal research in various fields of law. There are five centers established under CALR, namely, Centre for the Study of Contemporary Legal Issues, Centre for Cyber Law, Centre for Commercial and Financial Law, Centre for Study of Dispute Resolution, and Centre for Environmental Awareness. Each established center is dedicated towards high quality research work which are analytical and critical in nature under their respective filed of law.

About the Competition

The 1st Essay Writing Competition held by ICRJ, we had a total of 542 participants. We take pride to announce the 2nd ICRJ Essay Writing Competition, on the topic of “Ayodhya Judgement: Past, Present and the Future”. The aim of this competition is to encourage the student population to study the burring contemporary issues of the Judgement, and its implications that may follow, at the same time justify their ideology on a comparative analysis based on the socio-legal aspect of the domino effect in the past, present and the future all in relation to the Ayodhya Judgement.

Registration Deadline – 10 September, 2020 22;00;

Submission date – before 15 September, 2020.

Registration Link

For the purpose of Payment: 

GooglePay – 9717198388

PayTm – 9717198388

UPI – 9717198388@okbizaxis

For more details regarding prizes and guidelines, refer to brochure: Click Here

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