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Intellectual Property has been the backbone of innovation. Innovations have been the significant reason for the accelerated growth of Civilization by fostering innovations. The importance of Intellectual Property cannot be stressed enough. IPR has become a tool to protect innovations and helps them grow effectively in this tech-savvy world. Intellectual Property Rights profoundly impact human beings, promoting innovation, protecting the rights of creators, promoting economic growth, and benefiting education and research. IP Assisto and Knowledge Steez are coming up with the Virtual Global Intellectual Property Summit. This summit will act as a platform for all the stakeholders, which includes lawyers, law firms, academicians, students, industrialists, and others interested in IPR, to come together and discuss the crucial aspects of IPR. The two days summit will have panel discussions on various nuances of IPR, career development workshops on IPR, Paper presentations, Round table discussions, Panel discussions, etc. the summit is being organized on the occasion of International Intellectual Property Rights Day – 23rd April. The event aims to raise awareness about the importance of Intellectual Property Rights globally. The summit highlights the need for legal ownership and control over the use of Intellectual Property, which results from significant investment and effort by individuals and businesses.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes the protection of intellectual Property (IP) worldwide. WIPO is responsible for developing and implementing international treaties that help harmonize IP laws and regulations across countries. Each year, WIPO chooses a theme for World Intellectual Property Day; the theme for the Year 2023 is – Women & IP: Accelerating Innovation & Creativity. The event will celebrate the contributions made by women in the field of Intellectual Property and will also deal with the problems faced by women in innovation and development. The event is an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of creators and innovators in various fields and recognize intellectual Property’s role in promoting economic growth, innovation, and creativity. This summit will also help to educate the public on the importance of respecting intellectual Property and the negative impact of infringement and piracy. Overall, this summit is an important event that promotes the recognition, protection, and celebration of valuable intellectual property that drives progress and development in various fields.

About Paper Presentation

“IPR in Conformity with the Changing Dynamics of Innovation”


  • Patent Pooling and Patent trolling
  • Role of IPR in the Sports field
  • Role of IP for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)
  • IP Protection of Computer Related Inventions (CRI) around the Globe
  • The role played by IPR in art and fashion technology
  • IPR in cyberspace
  • Cultural appropriation and its IP Implications
  • Copyright issues in the technological world
  • Compulsory licensing in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IPR
  • Data Privacy and Security in IPR
  • IP Licensing and Technology Transfers
  • IP & Antitrust laws
  • ADR and IPR
  • 3D print and IPR
  • IPR issues in broadcasting such as OTT, Youtube, etc.
  • Outer Space/aerospace and IPR
  • Traditional Knowledge and IPR
  • Intellectual Property Rights Through ADR
  • Role of IPR in Supporting and Empowering Women Innovators



  • The author(s)/researcher(s) have to submit the abstract by 20th April 2023.
  • The abstract shall not exceed 300 words. It should include the Title of the Paper, Keywords, the Presenter’s Name, Designation, Institutional Affiliation, Mailing Address, Contact Number, and Email ID.
  • The abstract should be typed in Times New Roman, font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing in justified alignment.
  • All submissions should be uploaded in .doc/.docx format only.
  • The abstract shall be submitted through email to
  • Co-authorship is limited to a maximum of two authors.
  • Intimation for acceptance/improvisation will be provided within 2-3 working days from the last date of the submission of an abstract.


For a successful and productive conference, all presenters should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) is encouraged for presentation at the conference. If giving power Point Presentation (PPT), presenter(s) should save their presentation in .pdf or .ppt format and present it through the screen sharing mode.
  • All presentations are to be in English. The presenter(s) should be able to understand and respond to audience questions in English.
  • Presentations should be of 8-10 minutes which shall be inclusive of 3 minutes for questions. Participants need to join the session 15 minutes before it begins and be well prepared with the presentation. Any unnecessary delay on part of the participant might lead to disqualification.
  • It is suggested for presenter(s)/ attendee(s) to dress professionally.


Last date for Registration: 20th th April, 2023

Last date for Abstract Submission: 18th April, 2023

Conference Date: 22nd- 23th April, 2023

Notification of Acceptance/Improvisation: Within five working days of the submission of abstract/paper.


Faculty members, Research scholars, professionals and students are eligible to participate.



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Panel Discussions

  • Trademark Law in the Age of Social Media: Balancing Free Speech and Brand Protection
  • The Femme Fatales of IP: Breaking Barriers and Shaping the Future
  • AI vs. Copyright Law: Who Owns the Future?
  • IP Jenga: The High-Stakes Game of Managing Corporate IP Portfolios
  • Think Outside the Courtroom: Settling IP Matters through ADR


  • Pursuing LLM (IP) from abroad
  • Intellectual property rights Patent and Design Process
  • Careers in Trademark/Media & Entertainment Law?
  • Patent Protection and Competitive Advantage: Why Patents are Crucial for Business Success

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