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With a mission to inform, educate and empower one and all, LAWLEDGE was established in the year 2010, as an advisory and consulting firm to promote legal awareness and legal education across the country. LAWLEDGE, controlled and run by a group of lawyers, has always remained steadfast and delivers on affordable and practical learning by providing training programs, conferences, webinars, online certification courses, informative blogs, and sharing various opportunities that come about in the legal field.

About Online Certification Course- “Preparing a Will”

With the benefit of having an experience of over a decade in the legal domain and with the help of its in-house lawyers and legal practitioners, LAWLEDGE has developed various standardized and simplified online certification courses in relation to law and its allied domains.

The Course that can be accessed as of now is “Preparing a Will”.

It might happen that according to your family structure and your preferences, you want to divide your wealth unequally or make a provision for a close friend or a pet. This isn’t possible if you die without a Will. A lot of us feel that talking about preparing a Will is pretty morbid, and hence, we don’t look at it with the right attitude.

Do you want to leave your wealth and let your loved one’s fight with each other to get their shares? A Will is so important, that it should be your first step in your financial life. If your family structure is diverse, and you want to leave your wealth to different members of the family like you want to, you should prepare your Will today, not tomorrow, not later.

In this course, we have tried to break it down step by step so that you can learn the various aspects relating to Will, and how to prepare a Will on your own.

How to avail this Course for FREE?

LAWLEDGE is offering its Course- “Preparing a Will” worth Rs. 2999/- for FREE exclusively to its WhatsApp Newsletter members through a coupon code, and it is a limited period offer. If you want to avail this Course for free, join any one of the WhatsApp newsletter groups ( wherein, you will find the coupon code in the ‘Description’ section of the group.

Joining the WhatsApp Newsletter will also benefit you as LAWLEDGE delivers relevant information relating to job opportunities, internship opportunities, Call for Papers, Seminars, Webinars, Workshops, Moot Court competition, debates etc. directly on your WhatsApp. A complete win-win situation for all!

Who can take this Course?

  • Law students
  • Lawyers and Advocates
  • Any individual who wishes to make his/her Will

Why choose our Course?

  • High quality content providing insight into the subject matter
  • Engaging audio-video lectures allowing learning on the move
  • Interactive slides ensuring stimulated learning
  • Quality assignments
  • Self-paced online interactive test
  • Free and unlimited option of retaking the test until you pass
  • Learn anywhere and anytime at your pace
  • 24×7 Customer support

More details regarding the Course can be found here:

Contact Details:

Mobile No.- 9310-589-590, 7903271972


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