Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad (SLSH) was established in 2014 inheriting splendid novelty, dynamism, and excellence in the education of Symbiosis International Deemed University, Pune. The institute is recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and is accredited with an “A” grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). SLS Hyderabad comes under the SIU Hyderabad  campus and is mentored by Symbiosis law school pune.

The Centre for Banking and Finance (CBF) is a student-run forum of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad to promote knowledge and awareness about this flourishing field of law. It aims to provide a platform for all aspiring law students to develop their research and advocacy skills in the field of banking and finance.


In recent years, instances of financial frauds have regularly been reported in India. Though the banking industry is generally well regulated and supervised, the sector suffers from its own set of challenges when it comes to ethical practices, financial distress, and corporate governance.

The aim of the event is to express and raise awareness on the theme of ‘Banking and Financial Frauds’ in a way that is visually stimulating as posters/flyers/pamphlets provide visual, colorful, and simple ways to communicate and raise awareness. The purpose of the event is twofold vis-à-vis to express thoughts on the theme through creative ideas and designs using posters/flyers/pamphlets; and discerning information to a wide audience about the banking and financial sector. It also aims to foster out-of-the-box creative designs and ideas and encourages participants to actively put forth creative posters/flyers/pamphlets.

The participants are required to submit their digital art posters/flyers/pamphlets by the deadline provided below. After the submission of all the pamphlets, they will be posted on the official Instagram page of the CBF. The participants and are allowed to promote their posters/flyers/pamphlets and get likes on the Centre’s official page.


The respective criterions under which the participant shall be marked are as follows:

  1. Balance: The e-poster should be a balance of text, figures, and space. Excess text should be avoided – figures should play a dominant role in communicating the concept on the flyer. There should be adequate space around text and figures to avoid a crowded appearance. Judges will place heavy emphasis on balance.
  2. Overall Visual Appeal: Color and font changes should be used appropriately. The use of too many colors creates an unprofessional appearance. Dramatic colors should be used only to illustrate dramatic points – overuse is simply confusing. There should be consistent use of color throughout the poster to represent the same concept – the colors should not be randomly switched. Due to red-green color-blindness, use of these colors to represent contrasting concepts should be avoided. A poster with overall visual appeal stands out among other e-posters.
  3. Quality of Graphics:The key concepts of the theme should be diagrammatically represented. It is ideal if a single figure represents the entire concept. Figures should be well labeled and have clear legends.
  4. Flow:The flyer content should follow a logical sequence. The reader should be able to navigate the e-poster with ease.
  5. Appropriate and Relevant Content:Careful thought should be put into selection of e-poster content. Redundancy in the presentation of information becomes tedious and exists at the expense of other information.
  6. No of likes:The aim of the event is to make people aware about the banking and financial frauds, therefore the person circulating his own flyer as much as he may and getting the highest number of likes would be considered for a position.




The event is open to all students across all courses and colleges.


The registration for the event will be done through a Google Form.


Last Date of Registration: 28th August, 2021 (11:59 p.m.).

Submission of posters/flyers/pamphlets: 29th August, 2021 – 2nd September, 2021.

Uploading and promotion of submission on social media: 2nd – 4th September, 2021

Announcement of results:  6th September, 2021


Ø  Only individual participation is allowed.

Ø  The submission of the posters/flyers/pamphlets should take place as per the prescribed format and mode.

Ø  Only one pamphlet per participant may be submitted. Multiple submissions will lead to disqualification.

Ø  The competition is open to all students.

Ø  The decision of the organizers shall be deemed as final.

Ø  Any deviation from the above-mentioned rules shall render disqualification for the teams.


Ø  The flyers must be in the digital form of art work, no handmade flyers would be considered for evaluation.

Ø  Title (if required) must be given to the point and draws attention.

Ø   Effective use of graphics, colors, and fonts can be done.

Ø   The image(s) used must be free from copyright and all the flyers must be submitted in .jpg and .png format.

Ø   Only one entry per participant is allowed; multiple entries are not allowed. In case multiple entries are submitted, the one submitted first shall be considered for evaluation.

Ø   The size of the image of the flyer shall be 1080*1350 pixels / 4:5 ratio or 1080*1080 pixels/ 1:1 ratio.

Ø  For registration, each participant should fill the google form. A separate form link for submission of the poster shall be sent across the respective registered participants.

Ø  The maximum word limit shall be 50 words and the message of the poster should be short, brief, and clear.


The following rewards along with E-certificates will be provided to the winners:

  • First Position: Rs.1000
  • Second Position: Rs.500.


For any queries please feel free to write to us on or contact:

Radhika: 9996580175

Siddhi: 9915236440


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