Centre for Human Rights –Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla  Announces  Faculty Development  Programme    


Centre for Human Rights, Himachal Pradesh National Law University announces a Faculty  Development Programme (FDP) to be conducted online (over the Google Meet platform) from the  5th of April- 11th of April 2021. The theme of the Programme is “Human Rights in Contemporary  India: Issues and Challenges”. The programme is meant to serve as a platform for apprising  teachers and professional with the latest developments in the area of Human Rights in the country.  Recent events of paramount significance in the socio-political realms have tended to reshape our  conceptions of Human Rights and it is with a view to understand these developments that the FDP  has been announced.  

About HPNLU  

Himachal Pradesh National Law University was established in the year 2016 and is currently in  the fourth year of its inception. Under the able guidance of Professor Nishtha Jaswal,  ViceChancellor of the University, HPNLU has made tremendous progress as an institution  dedicated to the cause of legal education and research. The University todays boasts of a very  bright bunch of faculty members and students. During the past four years, the University has  organized two international conferences, a faculty development programme, a capacity building  programme, various seminars, colloquia and special lecture series.  

About the Centre  

Centre for Human Rights was established in the year 2019 with the aim to promote the study of  the important issue of Human Rights and to conduct research on the challenges encountered in  making these rights available to all. The Centre proposes to offer degree, certificate and diploma  courses in Human Rights and to undertake research projects dealing with these challenges. The  Centre very recently organized a colloquium and a series of special lectures.  

About the FDP  

The FDP has been organized to create and generate awareness about various facets of Human  Rights. The week long programme hopes to bring together experts from various areas such as  academics, practitioners, judges, police officers, prison officials in order to enable a discussion of  the latest events of significance that have made an impact on our notion of Human Rights.  

The FDP will cover a vast array of areas around which the individual sessions will be organized.  The themes in the programme will include topics from:  

  1. Human Rights and Marginalised Groups  
  2. Police and Human Rights  
  3. Judiciary and Human Rights  
  4. Human Rights Commission  
  5. Human Rights and the COVID-19 pandemic  
  6. Human Rights and Political Processes  
  7. Prisoners and Human Rights  
  8. Human Rights and Trans genders  
  9. Human Rights of Children and Women  
  10. Human Rights of Religious Minorities  
  11. Human Rights of the Especially Abled  
  12. Human Rights and Education 
  13. Human Rights and Health  
  14. Human Rights and Poverty  
  15. Human Rights and Democracy  

The Programme will have two sessions every day. In each of these sessions, there would be special  lectures delivered by experts from various fields. The Morning sessions will be from 10:30 a.m.  to 12:30 p.m. The afternoon sessions will be from 2:30-4:30 p.m. Certificates of participation will  be issued to candidates on their successful completion of the FDP and after filling up of feedback  forms. Total number of seats for the FDP is 50. Confirmation of participation will be done on a  first come first serve basis.  

Interested candidates may send a copy of their resume along with a cover letter to the Director,  Centre for Human Rights, Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla 171014 or at  ruchisapahia@hpnlu.ac.in.  

Fee for attending the FDP shall be Rupees 2000/- that needs to be submitted through a Demand  Draft drawn in favour of the Registrar, Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla or  through NEFT (A/c Number 14100110051955, IFSC – UCBA0001410, UCO Bank, Branch Halog, Dhami). Candidates need to fill the enclosed FDP Registration form latest by the 31st of  March 2021. Candidates need to submit a No Objection Certificate from their employers before  or at the time of filling up the Google Forms (https://forms.gle/HtwoP7xC6Siyks9W6).  


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