Legalify India & Legalphile Presents Extempore Speech Competition on Socio-Legal Issues

About Legalify India

Legalify India is founded in July 2020. It is an organization that has been started with its cardinal motive to help Law students and the public ranging from diverse backgrounds to enhance their legal knowledge and help them to know their rights and duties so that they can make a decisive viewpoint towards society and the governing law. We will be dealing with legal news, updates, and comprehensive information which will flawlessly help you to keep your legal knowledge up to date. Our main focus would be towards providing an ambient and distinctive content to our readers over a wide spectrum of legal issues and laws like cyberlaw, media and entertainment law, environment law, ADR, and many additional fields. While designing this organization we kept every aspect in our mind, be it an article, blog or any news updates our utmost motive is to make this a one-stop destination for everyone who visits us.


LEGALPHILE is an education venture initiated by a group of like-minded law students who wish to democratize legal education by making it more accessible. Ours is a recent project, amongst numerous others out there in the market, which seeks to bring both students and professionals closer to the learning of law. How are we then different from these other platforms that are currently imparting legal education and training in the country and even abroad? Believe us, we are; for we do not charge any fee to provide any of our services, nor do we intend to integrate compensation for our team-members in return for their work. We essentially abide by a non-compensatory work ethic. Our philosophy is to create an opportunity that is absolutely free to everyone. And to create value through it.

Details of the Event-

 Extempore Speech Competition on socio legal issues

Date- January 3, 2021

Time- 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Topics will be based on socio legal issues


  • Cash prize to winner and runners-up
  • Free Publication to winner and runners-up
  • Certificate of Participation to all

 Registration link-https://forms.gle/WREw4DPb3zV38kdP8

Registration Fees – Rs. 50

For Payment- +91 91402 52620

For more information

Contact us at – +91 93526 03383

Or mail us at legalifyindia@gmail.com


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