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Vidhi Darpan, one of the chapters of SAMVAAD, has been conceptualized to facilitate expert lecture series. These lectures won’t only be related to law subjects but would provide lectures by experts on far-reaching subjects. This won’t only help in learning new things but would make learning more interactive, appealing and topic-specific. We at Samvaad believe in transferring knowledge not just limited to the law area and what way is better to learn about a topic from the experts of that field.

About the Event:-

The framers of the Constitution, with due diligence, have taken a lot of care and concern to provide the best Constitution to the citizen and has laid down a clear road map to the three organs of the government. The constitution-makers were aware of the difficulties that can be encountered in future therefore the power to amend the constitution was given to the Parliament under Article 368. But, they did not add an express clause under Article 368 to impose limitations upon the amendment power exercised by the Parliament. However, After 26 years of Independence, On 24 April 1973, the Supreme Court in Keshavananda Bharati v. the State of Kerala declared that Article 368 did not enable Parliament to alter the ‘Basic Structure or Framework’ of the Constitution.
Now it has been 48 years since the doctrine of basic structure was established, In order to celebrate the 48 years of the doctrine, Vidhi Darpan is organizing its first expert lecture on “Constitution’s Journey to Basic Structure”. The webinar would broadly concentrate on the following points:
1. Prof. Conrad and his theory of implied limitation, the moniker for the doctrine of basic structure.
2.Need for Doctrine of Basic Structure in India.
3. Effect and Applicability of the doctrine

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There is no registration fees for the event.
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The deadline of the registration is 11:59 A.M., 24th April 2021.

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