Symposium on Exploring New Frontiers in Women’s Health and Well-being organised by Amity University UP

The Symposium on “Exploring New Frontiers in Women’s Health and Well-being: Taking forward G-20 perspective”, organized by Amity Law School, Noida, AUUP on 11th August 2023 was a resounding success. This Symposium was organised under the G-20 University Connect Program which brought together esteemed experts, researchers, practitioners, and students in the fields of law, psychology, and social sciences to delve into critical issues surrounding women’s health and well-being. It fostered an atmosphere of knowledge sharing, insightful discussions, and collaborative thinking.

The symposium featured a diverse panel of experts including legal scholars, psychologists, and social workers. Their varied perspectives provided a comprehensive outlook on the theme. Event was commenced with a thought-provoking inaugural address by Faculty Convener Dr. Swati Bijawat and Dr. Ekta Gupta, who emphasized the significance of interdisciplinary approaches in addressing women’s health and well-being. The symposium comprised 8 technical sessions covering topics such as reproductive health, mental well-being, legal frameworks for women’s health, and societal perceptions of women’s health issues. Each session featured presentations, discussions, and Q&A segments.

Parallel interactive workshops facilitated active engagement and provided participants with the opportunity to delve deeper into specific subtopics. It offered ample networking opportunities for attendees to connect, share ideas, and foster potential collaborations. A cultural evening provided a relaxing and enjoyable way for participants to unwind while fostering a sense of community among attendees. This evening was graced more by the presence of our Guest of Honor, “Shri Neeta Bajpai Ji” (Media In-Charge, BJP, Noida, Mahanagar, UP) and “Shri Ravi Kant Mishra Ji” (Ex-Member of Legislative Assembly, Noida, UP). The panel of valedictory session was diced by D.K. Bandhopadhyay (Chairman, Amity Law School, Noida), Justice Prof. Rajesh Tandon (Additional Vice-Chairman, Amity Judicial Academy), Prof. (Dr.) Shefali Raizada, Aditya Tomer, Arvind P. Bhanu (Additional directors/HOI’s, ALSN), and our both Guest of honour. This symposium was followed by launch of a book, “BODY MIND SOUL… Understanding the Wellness of the Women World” and the souvenir of symposium. 

This event served deep insights to all presenters and participants into the latest advancements, challenges, and trends in women’s health and well-being. It encouraged interdisciplinary discussions, enabling participants to appreciate the multi-faceted nature of women’s health. The organising student team of the event, Mr. Sahil Gupta (Convener), Ms. Aayushi (Co-Convener), Ms. Palak Agrawal (Deputy Convener) and Mr. Dhairya Mishra (Deputy Co-Convener) under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) Shefali Raizada, Dr. Swati Bijawat and Dr. Ekta Gupta conducted this wonderful thought-provoking national level symposium event as part of the G-20 University Connect Program, which has ignited a holistic discussion on the complex issues surrounding women’s health. 

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