About Mangalayatan University

The Mangalayatan University of Jabalpur aspires to become one of the most renowned and popular universities in the central regions of India, with constantly growing prominence to regions across the country. Just like its magnificent Aligarh campus, which has earned remarkable fame and trust amid students and professionals belonging to Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, and other States in northern India, along with an overall good reputation nationwide and internationally. Thus, the students, professionals, and research scholars to be most benefited by the Mangalayatan University, Jabalpur, will be located mainly in the States of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Southern Uttar Pradesh, Southeast Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, Northeastern Maharashtra, and Eastern Gujarat. Besides an affluent academic infrastructure and an ornate pool of highly erudite and veteran teaching faculties, ambitious Mangalayatan University of Jabalpur (well-based at Barela) has all modern and lavish resources and facilities to deliver superb and laudable performances in almost all popular professional disciplines, technical and non-technical.

About Cosmo Juris

The Cosmo juris is an online driven platform centralized for the legal scholars, researchers and also for the enthusiastic minds with the objective to enhance rather the majority-minority their voices and to promote the high quality legal research on different contemporary and legal topics. We further aim to enlighten our readers with a catena of information related to various aspects of legal developments and enticing opportunities so that everyone, even ordinary people, is benefitted in the present Legal Era. With this aim, we bring to our viewers’ details of competitions like Call for papers, Moot court competitions, Debate competitions, client counseling competitions, Memorial-drafting competitions, Essay competitions, MUNs and other related competitions.

About the Event

The Youth Parliament is a recreation of the parliamentary proceedings of legislature and executive, based upon the Indian Parliamentary system. It has been established to promote the activities of community service programs and to deliberate on social or political change. In the Youth Parliament, participants role-play members of parliament followed by discussing an entire gamut of social, legal, geopolitical and economic issues. The aim of the Inter Youth Parliament is to acquaint the participants about the functioning of the parliament which primarily has three functions: representing the electorate, making laws, and overseeing the government. It is the place where legislators structure policies, frame laws, discuss and debate on issues that impact the lives of many. It seeks to enhance and strengthen the sociopolitical, socio-legal, socio-economic fabric of our country.

Why This Competition?

Youth parliament is crucial for students as it promotes the idea of “assemble, argue, and evaluate.” By encouraging debate and predicting outcomes, it promotes democracy, growth, and the maintenance of democratic institutions. It promotes the concept of “learning by doing,” which is crucial in deciding how to become more informed as a citizen, regardless of whether politics is involved. The participants are given a stable platform to learn or develop a variety of talents, including debate, public speaking, presentations, research, and organizational abilities, which supports their personal growth. For both participants and observers, it is a fulfilling, enduring, and educational experience.


· Participants need to duly fill out the Google form for registration.

· The deadline for submitting the registration form is January 18th, 2023.

· Applications submitted after the deadline won’t be accepted.

· Participants will get a confirmation letter in the mail upon successful registration and payment.

· Registered participants will be invited to join WhatsApp via the link that will be sent upon registration and all the information regarding the details of the competition will be shared in the WhatsApp group.


· Formal dressing is mandatory.

· Participants will speak on an individual basis.

· Multiple entries from the same university, college, or institute are permitted.

· Participants may use bilingual language during their speech. (English and Hindi).

· Competition will be held online.


· This competition is open to all schools, colleges, and universities in India and abroad.


· Certificates shall be presented to the participant present on both days.

· Certificates of reward shall be awarded to the best speaker, second best speaker, and the third best speaker.

· In addition, the top five speakers will receive a Certificate of Appreciation


The top three speakers will be awarded a cash prize.

· Best Parliamentarian:- Rs. 5000/-

· High Commendation:- Rs. 2000/-

· Special Mentioned:- Rs. 1000/-

· Top 5 Speakers: – Certificate of Appreciation.

Registration Fee: – Rs. 500/-

· Early Birds till 31st Dec, 2022 @ Rs. 299 Only.

· All the Participants will get Certificate of Participation.

Payment Methods

Bank Account Details:-

A/c no: – 39524800107

IFSC Code: – SBIN0010824

A/C Holder: – Mangalayatan University

UPI ID: – 9006710421@Paytm

GPay, Phone pay, Pay tm @9006710421

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