Vakeel Sahab Pro is a new legal platform to professors, scholars, academicians, professionals, and student, in the field of law or management. It was established in the year 2020 with a vision to make awareness in the public for law and enhance the capability of individuals to think and to innovate their own ideas by many ways. We always think out of the box and that’s why we are always trying to do something new which can help you to know yourself.
Vakeel Sahab Pro is organizing this 1 st Virtual Debate Competition through online platform, as the COVID-19 is giving so many hurdles to the students as they can’t go outside to speak or participate in any event. So, we are giving our platform where you can speak and express your views.
Our slogan for the debate competition will be:
“Speak Openly & Debate Honestly”
As there are lots of debates competition is going on but only VAKEEL SAHAB PRO is giving you a chance to experience the battle and present your argument and show your views by arguing.
Any student from any recognized university or school can apply.
1st : 350 Rs
2. Free 3 Publications on our portal + Internship + College Ambassador Post.
3. Certificate of Appreciation + 1 Free Publication
NOTE: E- Certificate of Participation to all registered candidates.
1. JAM (JUST A MINUTE) is first round in which each participant will get a unique topic.
2. You will get 5 minutes only. ( 2 min to prepare + 1 min to record your video + 2 min to send that video)
NOTE: don’t worry if any technical glitches will arise, we will change your topic and will give again 5 min.
3. Video should be in recording .mp4 format from your mobile camera and you have to face the camera during speaking.
4. You can’t read from page or anything.
5. Language should be in English only.
6. Topic will be very innovative and simple for everyone.
7. Participants who will pass first round only they will be promoted to second round.
8. Total 28 participants will be selected for second round.
1. Now there will be a competition only between those who had passed first round that is J.A.M round
2. We will make one team comprises of only 2 participants (one will be in favour and one will be for against). So total team 14.
3. Only one topic will be there for everyone.
4. Topic will be disclosed only to those who will pass first round and before two days of the competition they will get to know the topic.
5. Each team will get only 15 min to argue. ( 10 mins to participants for arguing + 5 min for judge to question)
6. On exceeding the time limit, marks may be deducted.
7. This competition will be held on ZOOM App. (if you feel that there is some technical glitches in your network so we can do this in WhatsApp Video Calling or Webex Meet also)
8. Debate topic will be a new and innovative, you don’t need to do research very hard.
 Participants will be judged on – “CONTENT” & “DELIVERY OF CONTENT”.
 Decision of the judge will be binding and final.
You have to submit a registration fee of Rs. 54 /-
You can pay via, GOOGLE PAY, PAYTM, PHONEPE, BHIM on this mobile number: 8933948420
After payment take a screenshot because you have to upload in a registration form.
Participants have to submit their details by filling this google form. APPLY HERE
** Screenshot of Receipt must be uploaded in the registration form.
Last Date to Register Yourself: 20 th June, 2020
Date to submit video for J.A.M (Just A Minute): 24, June, 2020
Results of 1 st round will be declared on: 28 June, 2020
Round 2 (Online Debate Competition) will be going on from: 30 th June, 2020
Results of 2 nd round will be declared on: 5 th July, 2020
Dispatch of Certificates: 12 th July, 2020
Feel free to contact us; we are available at every moment.
WhatsApp and Call: +91 8112457884
Email: AYUSHKU065@GMAIL.COM (after KU it is a ZERO)

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