There have been multiple waves of bloodsheds, property demolition, and mutinying in Delhi riots which began on 23 February induced chiefly through Hindu mobs attacking Muslims.

Devangana Kalita, an activist from Pinjra Tod (a women’s student organization) who was detained on June 5 for her alleged role in North East Delhi riots, has been denied bail on Friday, August 28.

Post up riots, 4 FIRs had been lodged against Kalita and the prevailing case pertains to FIR fifty-nine in which it has been alleged that the rebellion changed into a preplanned, multi-layered and, deep-rooted conspiracy. Currently lodged in Tihar jail, Kalita argued in her bail application that expression of dissent isn’t an offense beneath the law. Her lawyer Adit S. Pujari instructed the court that the unlawful activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) would not follow for any activity in opposition to the government however might be attracted if it is an offense against India.

The special public prosecutor contradicted her arguments and said that there are enough adequate material on record that clearly suggests her part in riots.

“Furthermore blockage of the street would not be covered in UA(P)Act,” the order said whilst recording Pujari’s submission. Arguing that the police most effectively relied upon the statements of witnesses without any corroboration, Pujari stated that the prosecution hasn’t filed any video to substantiate their statement concerning the involvement of the accused within the conspiracy, even though it is the best proof.

Reported By : Somya Goyal

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