The CONTRAEDU Catalyser programme is an opportunity for India’s brightest and most  promising individuals, from the nation’s best universities and workplaces; to serve as part-time  teachers for children from the under-served and under-privileged communities in some of the  nation’s most under-resourced slums and villages. Through this experience of virtual teaching  and working with key stakeholders of the education sector, like students, professionals and  parents, our catalysers will get exposed to the ground realities of India’s education system and  would also begin to develop the knowledge, skills, and mindsets essential in the attainment of positions of leadership in the education sector. Further, the catalysers can identify their role  and contribute towards building a wider movement for educational equity in the country. 

Our Catalysers will transform the lives of children in their classroom, and in turn, prepare themselves for future positions of leadership in educational equity. 

Our Catalysers will be placed in part-time virtual teaching. Key responsibilities include  teaching students of Grade 6 to 10 virtually; taking lectures of law subjects (including mooting,  debating, researching); and aid young law aspirants in classes 10-12 in the preparation of  CLAT, AILET and other Law Entrance Examinations.  


Imagine a situation where you are a first generation law student hailing from a lower middle  class family while you are struggling to survive law school, barely managing the tuition fees,  (since you don’t have the benefit of any scholarships or education loans). You don’t even have  a laptop to work on the basic assignments or attend virtual classes. For such students, the  pandemic has only made the situation worse.  

In the past two years, we have been reached out by many such students, who are struggling to  survive law school because of one or more of the abovementioned reasons.  

Recently, we have come across an incident where students aren’t even able to buy laptops to  pursue their education online, let alone the submission of their education fees. 

We, at Kshitizz, believe and expect that students and professionals from across different  streams should come forward to help the young students from marginalised sections so that we  strive towards equality as mentioned and expected in the Constitution of India.

As we were already working towards providing education to marginalised sections, we have  now clubbed it with the idea of providing a monthly stipend (as assistance) to the students,  professionals and other people joining our catalyser programme. 

In our catalyser s, we look for leadership qualities such that they can join a movement towards  educational equity. Aside from passion and commitment to the movement, we look for  leadership potential that can be developed through the catalyser programme. 

Our catalysers must possess skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. They must  demonstrate interpersonal skills through their interactions with various stakeholders, along  with academic excellence. 

In order to be eligible to apply to the Catalyser programme, you must be an Indian Citizen and  should have keen interest towards bringing educational equality. 

The catalysers will be expected to devote one to two hours daily/weekly depending on the  classes and tasks allotted to them (except during examination and competitions, which must be  intimated beforehand). They will be remunerated with a sum of INR 5,000 – 15,000 based on  the task allotted under the catalyser programme. 

Note 1: Prior teaching experience is not necessary to apply for CONTRAEDU Catalyser  programme. 

Note 2: Twenty per cent (20%) of the total catalyser programmes awarded shall be reserved  for those who had previously interned with Kshitizz NGO. 


  1. Maths: 5 (class 6 to 10) 
  2. Science: 5 (Class 6 to 10) 
  3. English: 8 (Class 6 to 12) 
  4. History: 3  
  5. Geography: 3 
  6. Civics: 3 
  7. Current affairs: 1 
  8. Static GK: 1 
  9. Law of Torts: 1 
  10. Indian Contract Act, 1872: 1
  11. Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 :1 
  12. Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973: 1 
  13. Indian Evidence Act: 1 
  14. Indian Penal code: 1 
  15. Limitation Act, 1963: 1 
  16. Sale of Goods Act, 1930: 1 
  17. Negotiable instrument Act, 1881: 1 
  18. Arbitration and conciliation Act, 1996: 1 
  19. Transfer of Property Act, 1882 :1 
  20. Jurisprudence: 1 
  21. The specific relief Act,1963: 1 
  22. Rent Control Law: 1 
  23. Hindu Law & Mohammedan Law: 1 
  24. Environmental Law: 1 
  25. IPR: 1 


The CONTRAEDU CATALYSER PROGRAMME will have three steps for selection. 

  1. Interested candidates will have to fill the google form in order to initiate the application  process. 

Link for registration: – 

  1. A telephonic interview would be conducted, followed by submission of a recorded  teaching video by the candidates. (guidelines for which will be communicated at the  end of the telephonic interview) 
  2. Virtual Assessment of the candidate, which shall include group discussion, problem  solving and personal interview.  


Application Starts on 11th of January,2022 

Application closes on 8th of May,2022. 

Assessment and interviews Starts from 10th of May,2022.

For any queries feel free to reach out to us: 

Email id. 

Contact Number +91-8688770152 

Website : (under maintainance)

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