Sthaapna is trying to ignite young minds and give platform to their innovative ideas and initiatives through community building and a model of entrepreneurship. Following the approach of nationalism and welfare, we are striving to create a society which has active participation of the youth. Through ‘We Connect’, we end blockage between people and try to counter the mismanagement of jobs which is the biggest cause of unemployment. Through ‘The Creators’, we spread awareness about our glorious past, Indian culture and philosophy which is the essence of this soil. Thus, through a wide range of contests, Sthaapna is trying to engage the youth and make them aware about Indian warriors, eminent leaders and unsung heroes, and enhance in them self-esteem about their own nation. ‘Sthaapna- Think for India’ gives an opportunity to the unheard voices to share their creative ideas and turn them into reality. It’s a platform for the young minds to imagine, ignite, & invent. Sthaapna is tirelessly working towards empowering the Indian youth, who, in the future, can help in the nation-building process. We aim to channelize the youth energy in the right direction and make them aware of the glorious Indian history which is unknown even today. 


Our nation having more than 50% of its population below the age of 25, and more than 65% of population below the age of 35, is a hub of youth power. If we channelize this energy with the right approach then India can reach the pinnacle and become a world leader. With this vision, Sthaapna is working on its third vertical “Think For India”. ‘Sthaapna- Think for India’ provides a forum to the unheard voices to share their imagination and turn it into reality. With innovative ideas coming from young minds, we can nurture them and build a community of entrepreneurs who will take this nation forward through development, growth and welfare. To make the concept of self-reliance achievable, it is important to take the ideas of youth into consideration. Sthaapna aims to spark young minds and provide a forum for their creative ideas and initiatives. The stage where people can use their innovation and knowledge to create ideas which will not only bring them profit but will also help build a better India. This platform will also motivate, appreciate and guide budding entrepreneurs.


With the Covid – 19 pandemic taking toll on human life all over the world, the foremost concern has been the prevention of its spread. Every country has sought the prevention of this deadly virus through vaccination, and this seems like the biggest vaccine campaign in the global history.  

 India has become the second worst hit country by Covid and as another wave of covid unfolds, the only possible way to cut off the chain of transmission is to focus on full vaccination accompanied by strict adherence to social distancing measures. The Indian Government has set an ambitious goal of vaccinating the huge population of the country, beginning with the healthcare and frontline workers and now opening up vaccination for all adults. This vaccine policy should have adequate allowance for ground realities, the absence of which is leading to a faltering vaccination drive.  

The challenges to the vaccination drive include:  

  • Shortage of vaccines 
  • Difficulties in booking a slot at the CoWin portal   
  • Disinformation and myths surrounding vaccination 
  • Lack of reach to remote area 
  • Vaccine inequity for those without the access to smartphones or internet 

All these issues require the urgent attention of those who are at the highest levels of policymaking and implementation. As young, vigilant citizens of the country it is our responsibility to render all possible support. These trying times require us to give suggestions to the best of our knowledge and experience to ensure that it somewhere makes a difference. An efficient public policy requires highest level of public participation and community consensus. Sthaapna, therefore, has organized this Roundtable Discussion where all the participants would keep forward their ideas on ensuring an efficient and inclusive vaccination drive in the country. 



Candidates will have to fill the registration form provided by Sthaapna to the best of their capability as it is the only deciding factor to secure candidature. Students who are selected will be paying an orientation fee of ₹ 100.

Perks of registering with Sthaapna are: 

  • 2 months internship with Sthaapna at the end of which a certificate and letter of recommendation will be provided 
  • A 6-month access to Sthaapna’s exciting quiz series 
  • Access to 5 lectures organized by Sthaapna on various subjects 
  • Opportunity to represent Sthaapna on your campus by being our Campus Ambassador. 

The shortlisted candidates will be paying 100 Rupees as the orientation fee.  After the candidates have secured selection, they will be given an online orientation so as to explain the topic at hand and terms of participation further and clear any doubts that the candidates might have. The orientation will be undertaken to impart intricate knowledge about the topic at hand.  

After the orientation, candidates are expected to make a short report on the topic at hand. The candidates will also be required to present the same in the form of a five-minute speech as a deliberation in the Roundtable Discussion. Both the report and speech will be marked out of 10 each. A tally of both marks at the end of the conclave will determine the winner.  

The marking scheme is attached below. 


The candidate must prepare a report centered on the Vaccination Drive in India and the measures for its effective implementation and management. The report must include the following points:  

  • Planning out vaccination drive that is inclusive of all 
  • Ensuring a steady and sufficient supply of vaccines 
  • Enhanced slot allotment to people on the basis of their age groups 
  • Measures to reach the target of hundred percent vaccination rate 
  • Effective policy implementation to include remote rural areas and tribal communities 
  • A hypothetical analysis of an ideal model of Vaccination Drive  


  • The word limit for the report is minimum 1000 words and maximum 2500 words.
  • The report must be written in English OR Hindi. 
  • Students are most welcome to put and use citations in their research report.  
  • 20% plagiarism will be accepted. Increase in plagiarism percentage will lead to deduction of marks, however no extra marks will be awarded if the plagiarism percentage of the paper is below the prescribed limit. Any report with a plagiarism percentage above 25% will be disqualified.  
  • No co-authorship is permitted. The work must be original. 


  • The event will be conducted via Zoom platform.  
  • Candidates are expected to prepare a speech explaining their reports. 
  • The time limit for each candidate would be 4 + 1 minutes. The last minute is meant for concluding the explanation.  
  • Candidates will be marked on fluency, ability to present their report and speaking style.


Winners will be decided on the basis of both report and speech.  

A tally of both marks will decide the winners. The candidates with the highest tally shall be awarded cash prizes upto ₹3000.

Special Mention Certificates shall be awarded to two more participants apart from the winners. 

Certificate of Participation will be provided to all the participants. 


Link – BSHM2DaYFXHmitFOBzsrdYlZA/viewform


The mode of payment will be online, through PayTm or Google Pay. 

The orientation fee should be sent on either of the following numbers – 

+91 9598273416  PayTm – Hargun Kaur 

+91 9899299966  Google Pay – Rohan Mahajan 


For more information or query, you can reach out to us through Mail or Whatsapp. 

Gmail id –

Whatsapp Number – 7007121928 

Feel free to call or drop us a message – 

Rohan Mahajan (+91 9899299966) 

Hargun Kaur (+91 7007121928) 

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