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City Law College has been seeded with an aim to impart a high standard of legal teaching with missionary zeal so that young lawyers become fully competent to pursue their noble legal profession with knowledge, caliber and dignified standard. We not only lay emphasis upon procreation of degree but also insist more upon developing a sense of loyalty to be practically observed in pursuing their law practice as a noble profession indeed. It is the determination of our College to make the students not only fully equipped and well conversant with the comprehensive knowledge of all the branches of Law but also to enable them to become fit and eligible for transnational legal system, capable to take independent decisions and face the problems ahead like to be encountered in the complex business mechanism of present scenario. We firmly believe that the legal education should not just aim at professionalism, but also should place high level of importance to social values and ethics, so legal education should transcend the boundaries of academics and be relevant to the changing corporate and social requirements.

About the Journal

The City Journal on Law & Research (CJLR) Peer Review Journal aims to resolve this dubiousness by providing a wide range of well researched articles, case notes, commentaries etc. covering the major aspects and issues under the ambit of Law & Research. As a huge field of academic study, Criminology and Constitution tends to cover criminal law and jurisprudence apart from dealing with crimes and criminal and socially deviant behaviour of criminals existing in the society. It also deals with the decriminalisation processes. While Criminal law mainly focuses on the punishments coupled or labelled with such a criminal behaviour.

The CJLR, a student friendly law journal, has emerged bearing the idea to encapsulate an exhaustive approach towards all these fields. It aims at providing a detailed analysis and assimilation of various issues on a single rostrum contrary to the concept of dealing with fields of criminal law and criminology separately. Further the journal will also feature the works, opinions and viewpoints of the greatest jurists of all times blended with the modern critical approaches towards their work. The CJLR is committed to provide uncommon, unique and fresh probe into the core legal issues.

Contributions towards the journal in the form into the core legal issues. Contributions towards the journal in the form of articles, commentaries etc. from law graduates, undergraduates, teachers and other eminent persons are welcome and appreciated.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Submission Heads and Word Limit: Articles: 4000 – 6000 words
  2. Originality of Manuscripts: All the contributions should be the original work of the contributors and should not have been submitted for consideration in any other Journal. Any plagiarized work will be out-rightly rejected. The authors have to submit the plagiarism report with their manuscript.
  3. Covering Letter: A covering letter with the name(s) of the author(s) and address, designation, institution/affiliation, the title of the manuscript and contact information (email, phone, etc.)
  4. Fonts and Headings Articles should be in Times New Roman 12-point font and double- spaced.
  5. Main Title should be in full capitals, bold and centered 16-point font.
  6. Sub-titles should be in sentence case, bold and 12-point font.
  7. Author’s names should be in small capitals and centered 14-point font.
  8. Footnotes should strictly in ILI format and no references should be used.
  9. Abstract Submission: All submissions must contain an abstract of not more than 250 words.
  10. Anonymous Review: To facilitate our anonymous review process, please confine your name, affiliation and biographical information to a separate cover page. Please include the manuscript’s title on the first text page.
  11. Citation Format: Please use footnotes rather than endnotes. For citation one can refer Blue book (latest edition)
  12. Copyright: CJLR respects Intellectual Property Rights of original Authors. You are thereby requested to submit ONLY original manuscript of which you have complete rights. Any kind of Plagiarism, being a serious offence, will not be tolerated by CJLR. It is our policy, as per the Copyright Act, to respond to notices of claimed copyright infringement submitted by rights owners in accordance with the notice and takedown procedures. In case any plagiarized content is published by mistake by CJLR, then the same shall be taken down with immediate effect. In case of any inadvertent plagiarism Authors shall be solely responsible for the acts.
  13. Copyright Agreement Form: The Copyright Agreement form should be submitted once your article has been accepted for publication. Manuscripts cannot be published without this form. The corresponding author is responsible for obtaining signatures of coauthors.


Author(s) are free to choose a sub-theme for their contribution as long as it falls within the heads of Law Enforcement, Sex Crimes, and Terrorism

Following is a list of examples that an author can look to:

  • Violent Crime
  • Property Crime
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sex Crime
  • Trafficking
  • Abuse of Power, Corruption
  • Organized Crime
  • Gangs and Organized Crime
  • Environmental Crime
  • Financial & White Collar Crimes
  • Cyber Crime
  • Hate Crime
  • Terrorism
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Crime and Social Institution
  • Perspectives on Causes of Crime and Criminal Behavior
  • Victims and Survivors of Crime
  • Criminal Justice System
  • International Law and Human Rights
  • Therapeutic Jurisprudence

How to Submit: 

All submissions are to be made via e-mail as word documents (preferably Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010).

Mail id-

Authors who do not follow these guidelines may have their submission returned to them without being reviewed.


Contributors whose submissions have been selected and published in City Law Journal of Law and Research will be awarded a Certificate of Publication.

No fees shall be charged at any stage.

Last date to submit your research paper- 21st January 2022

Date of Publication: April 2021.

 Contact Information

For any further queries, please feel free to drop us a mail at:

Link for the Website: City Journal of Law & Research

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