Embark on a transformative journey into the dynamic realms of legal advocacy with our comprehensive course on Moot Courts and Arbitration. This program is meticulously designed to provide aspiring legal professionals, law students, and practitioners with a profound understanding of the intricacies surrounding moot court competitions and the arbitration process.

Course Highlights:

Foundations of Moot Court: Delve into the fundamental principles of oral and written mooting essentials, mastering the art of crafting persuasive legal arguments. Participants will develop the essential skills needed to excel in moot court competitions, from case analysis to effective presentation.

Arbitration Essentials: Explore the world of alternative dispute resolution through an in-depth exploration of arbitration. Participants will gain insights into the arbitration process, examining key principles, procedures, and ethical considerations. Real-world case studies will be used to illustrate the practical application of arbitration techniques.

Drafting and Presentation Techniques: Hone your legal writing and oral advocacy skills, learning how to construct compelling legal briefs and deliver persuasive arguments. Through practical exercises and feedback sessions, participants will refine their ability to communicate complex legal issues with clarity and confidence.

Considerations in Advocacy and Arbitration: Explore the ethical dimensions of legal practice, with a focus on maintaining integrity in advocacy and arbitration. Participants will examine professional responsibility and ethical dilemmas unique to these contexts.

About the speaker:

Mr. Sarthak Raj has adjudicated and judged teams at prestigious events such as the Willem C Vis Moot Court Competition, JESSUP, and SYAR Negotiation Competition. As a coach and participant, they have achieved notable success, securing Honorable Mentions for both Claimant and Respondent Memoranda at Willem C. Vis East and receiving accolades for Best Speaker in the 12th eVis Middle East Pre-Moot in Bahrain.

Known for his proactive and detail-oriented approach, Mr. Sarthak consistently showcases the ability to analyze intricate legal issues and deliver results in dynamic and fast-paced environments. Notably, he authored the Respondent Memorial for the FDI Arbitration Moot 2022, published in the Transnational Dispute Management Journal (TDM), and contributed to the publication of a paper in the esteemed Oxford University Press.


1. The top 2 performers will be recommended for an internship in the Organizing Committee of the FDI Memo Memoirs Pre Moot 2024.

2. Guaranteed free training and coaching for any international law/arbitration moot to the Top 3 Performers.

3. Networking opportunity with the speaker and mentor.

4. Certificate of Appreciation/Participation.

5. Live online sessions.

6. Lifetime access to recordings and PPTs.

Who Should Attend:

1. Law students seeking to enhance their practical skills

2. Legal professionals looking to specialize in advocacy and arbitration

3. Practitioners aiming to stay updated on the latest trends in dispute resolution

Join us in this enriching course to cultivate the expertise needed for success in moot court competitions and arbitration proceedings!

Course Brochure: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19TJLJ827mPkMGvEitfe294gGyRnJ7y2w/view?usp=sharing

Registration Link: https://payments.cashfree.com/forms/ccmaak


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