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Legal Foxes is a multi-disciplinary law firm and E Learning Platform based in Delhi focusing primarily on spreading legal literacy among all people. Our supreme goal is to make legal knowledge awareness reach out to every nook and cranny of the country. We, at Legal Foxes, organize informative webinars and e-workshops on a regular basis wherein Judges, Practicing Advocates and Professors address the students all over the country. We also organize exciting events and competitions, ranging from online Moot Courts to law quiz, memorial drafting and much more. All of these endeavours are solely organized for the purpose of providing legal literacy to the nation

Course 1 – An Introduction to Constitution of India


  2. The Preamble
  3. The Union and its Territory: Part I
  4. Citizenship: Part II
  5. Fundamental Rights: Part III
  6. Directive Principles of states: Part IV
  9. The Parliament: Chapter II
  10. The State Executive
  11. Relation between the Union and States
  12. Administrative relations
  13. Financial Relations
  14. Services under the Union & The States
  15. The Emergency Provisions
  16. Amendment of the Constitution of India

Topic 2 – An Introduction to IPC


  1. Introduction
  2. Definition crime
  3. Territorial Jurisdiction and Extra territorial jurisdiction
  4. General explanations
  5. Public servant
  6. Joint liability
  7. Punishments under IPC
  8. General defences and exceptions
  9. Abetment
  10. Criminal conspiracy
  11. Offences against the state
  12. Offences relating to the ARMY, NAVY & AIR FORCE
  13. Offences against the public tranquillity
  14. Offences by or relating to public servant
  15. Illegal gratification and corruption
  16. Contempts of the lawful authority of public servants
  17. False evidence and offences against public justice
  18. Offences relating to coin and government stamps
  19. Offences relating to weights and measures
  20. Offences against the public health, safety, convenience, decency and morals
  21. Offences relating to religion
  22. Offences against human body: Culpable Homicide and Murder
  23. Doctrine of Transferring Malice
  24. Death By rash and negligence
  25. Hurt and grievous hurt
  26. Wrongful retainment and wrongful confinement
  27. Criminal force and assault
  28. Kidnapping and abduction
  29. Rape and custodial rape
  30. Offences against property
  31. Extortion
  32. Robbery
  33. Dacoity
  34. Dishonest misappropriation of property
  35. Criminal breach of trust
  36. Cheating
  37. Trespass
  38. Forgery
  39. Offences relating to marriage
  40. Defamation
  41. Recent Amendments

Course  3 :  An Introduction to Crpc

  1. Introduction
  2. Classification of Criminal Courts
  3. Offence
  4. Summons Case and Warrant case
  5. Complaint
  6. Arrest of Person
  7. Proclamation and Attachment
  8. Search and Seizure
  9. Security for keeping the peace and for good behaviour
  10. Maintenance of Wife, Children and Parents
  11. Preventive action by the police
  12. Investigation, Inquiry and Trial
  13. Commencement of Investigation
  14. Presence of Witness-Power of Police
  15. Power of Judicial Magistrate to record confessions and statements
  16. Procedure when Investment cannot be completed within 24 hours
  17. Procedure to be followed on completion of Investigation
  18. Maintenance of Diary
  19. Jurisdiction of the Criminal Courts
  20. Cognisance of offences
  21. Limitation of the power to take cognisance of an offence
  22. Private Complaint or Complaint to Magistrate
  23. Commencement of Proceedings before Magistrates
  24. Charge
  25. Joinder of charges
  26. Trial before court of Sessions
  27. Warrant cases
  28. Procedure to be followed in Summons Case
  29. Petty offences
  30. Summary trials and its procedures
  31. Autrefois Convict and Autrefois Acquit
  32. Legal Aid to the poor
  33. Power to examine the accused
  34. Tender of power to the Accomplice
  35. Compoundable and Non-Compoundable offences
  36. Withdrawal of Prosecution
  37. Provisions as to accused Persons of unsound mind
  38. Appeals
  39. Reference and Revision
  40. Transfer of Criminal case
  41. Bail and Bonds
  42. Limitation
  43. Inherent powers of the High Court
  44. Notable terms
  45. Plea Bargaining

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