SimuLegum is delighted to announce the Certificate Course on Advanced Legal Research and Writing!

Embark on a transformative journey into the dynamic realms of advanced legal research and writing with our comprehensive course. This program is meticulously designed to provide aspiring legal professionals, law students, and practitioners with a profound understanding of the intricacies surrounding advanced legal research and effective writing.

About the Mentor:

Mr. Sahajveer Baweja, a law graduate from NLU Patiala and an MPhil in criminology from the University of Cambridge, is a criminologist, and an advocate practicing at High Court of Rajasthan. He is actively involved in making impactful contributions in criminal law and has therefore worked with the Committee for Criminal Reforms, Ministry of Home Affairs as well as with India Justice Report. Moreover, during his time at Cambridge, he conducted one of the first qualitative studies wherein he applied the Routine Activity Theory of Criminology to study Cybercrime against women in India, showcasing his dedication to advancing knowledge and promoting justice in the Southern criminology. His expertise extends to publications with prestigious platforms such as LSE and Cambridge University, and being cited at Harvard University, Monash University, and other international forums.

Editorial Experience-

1. Head of Blogs, Cambridge University Human Rights Law Society

2. Peer Reviewer, Indian Law Institute Review

3. Editorial Head, Centre for Criminology and Victimology, RGNUL

4. Editorial Head, Legal Advancement and Research Editorial (LARE)

Who Should Attend:

Law students seeking to enhance their practical research and writing skills.

Practitioners aiming to stay updated on the latest trends in legal research.

Join us in this enriching course to cultivate the expertise needed for success in advanced legal research and writing!


1. Networking opportunity with the speaker and mentor.

2. Certificate of Appreciation/Participation.

3. Live online sessions.

4. Lifetime access to recordings and course materials.

5. Assessments and live checking of your articles and blogs by the expert, providing personalized feedback to enhance your research and writing skills.

What is covered:

1. Introduction and Topic Selection
2. Research and Structure
3. Writing Style and Citations
4. Revision and Publication

Course Brochure: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PCS4iDEvzegiQV865FAXfUpmETikeohq/view?usp=sharing

Registration Link: https://payments.cashfree.com/forms/ccalrrk

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