We hope you are safe. The pandemic has hit us all hard both academically and mentally, but as the old saying goes that when the going gets tough, the tougher gets going. We must prove that we were the tougher ones who did not lose track of the growth and continued to strive towards our goals.

Center for Policy and Legal Research in India (CPLRI) is an organization run by students of National Law Universities with an aim to study the Politico-legal aspects of the country in unison. We also have constantly tried to organize certain events which could help the students across the country to learn and develop a quality in the skills they require to undertake for Redressal of their professional well-being irrespective of whichever college they are enrolled into.

Every organization has its own limitation towards the access of resources. Similarly, CPLRI has also tried to minimize the cost of registration in all its event and has only limited the cost to the expected expenditure we had to incur in order to successfully pull off an event.

Now is the time when we need a similar form of reciprocity from all the students studying anywhere in India who could volunteer to help the organization in reaching the masses. Any student studying Law in any corner of the Country possess a similar right with that of a students studying in the capital city of the country in terms of the access to any academic inducing opportunities and the only possible way to conquer this erstwhile utopia is through the help of you all.

We have thus rolled out a form for volunteers who wish to help us in fighting this cause. Students pursuing 1st and 2nd year of their course are encouraged to fill out the form. We have also been vehemently opposing the extraction of free labor from students under the guise of certificates and thus we have decided to add perks to the works undertaken by our volunteers.

Kindly fill this form by 20th June, 2019

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