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We are a digital knowledge platform. Throughout human history, one of the primary reasons for socio-economic disparity has been lack of accessibility, especially to knowledge. The law, complex social structures, and the intricate concepts of various social sciences often create confusion due to their complex terminology and the sheer volume of data.

This confusion, this gap between people and information is the place where most of society’s issues take root – be it corruption, class disparity, or other forms of discrimination.

This initiative is a small attempt from our side to bridge that gap. Our hope and objective is for a more inclusive and accessible future.


The Blue Letters welcomes all kinds of submissions in the form of articles, research pieces, opinions, and short notes for our Blog Series on the theme: “Accessibility”. Following are some of the sub-themes for submissions –

  1. The Covid-19, social distancing norms and impact on accessibility
  • Accessibility to healthcare
  • Accessibility to justice
  • Accessibility to education
  • Accessibility and future of economic activities 2.Right to internet and Fundamental Rights: the need for interpretation?

2. Internet and Right to Education

3. The Internet infrastructure in India, data prices and how it effects people during the present times

4. Increase in socio economic disparity, decrease in socio-economic mobility during the pandemic and how it affects the accessibility

5. How accessibility to resources varies across various social groups (based on region, religion, gender, class, caste, age, etc.)

The above-mentioned is not an exhaustive list and the authors are free to submit their pieces on other matters related to the theme. We encourage interdisciplinary works instead of purely legal pieces. The author(s) will bear sole responsibility for the accuracy of facts, opinions, or views stated in the submitted manuscript.

The thematic call for submissions for this series ends on 25th December 2020.


  • The article should be a non-plagiarized original work of the author; It should neither be published nor under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • Co-authorship of articles is allowed (maximum – 2 authors).
  • The content should be written in TIMES NEW ROMAN font with a size of 12 and line spacing is to be maintained at 1.5.
  • We encourage the authors to use American English.
  • All the relevant sources must be duly acknowledged and hyperlinked in the text of the submission itself; and if the sources cannot be hyperlinked, the author(s) may use uniformly styled endnotes. We do not allow any other mode of citation.
  • We prefer an article with 1000-1500 words (inclusive of endnotes, in any). Articles with more than 1600 words shall not be considered as a general rule, except under special circumstances subject to the sole discretion of the Editorial Board. In case author(s) want(s) to roll out the content in multiple parts, the decision on the word limit shall be taken by editorial board accordingly.
  • The article must be submitted in a .doc/.docx format to
  • The submission mail must contain a brief description of the author(s), besides the manuscript. The article must not in form contain any information regarding the author(s).
  • In relation to all the disputes, the decision of the Editorial Board shall be final and binding.

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