About the Organization
Kshitizz is a non-profit organization registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 bearing registration number S000044. It was created out of the vision of a few students who wanted to make a difference in the society by addressing its issues at the grass-root level. Over the years, the organization has taken up quite a few activities in different parts of the nation and intends to address and solve major issues affecting the society, in the future. The NGO mainly focuses on the areas of education, environment and human rights, trying its best to secure them to the general public.
About the magazine
Kshitizz NGO is all set to come up with a magazine of its own, which shall be published on a quarterly basis. The magazine is accepting submissions for its 1st Volume. It is accepting submissions on topics relating to social, legal, humanitarian, environmental, educational and other contemporary issues.
It aims at providing a platform to individuals who have a story to share or a message to convey to the public, and intends to promote creative writing skills.
Call for submissions
For its 1st Volume, the magazine accepts submissions in the form of articles, poems, essays, opinions, drawings, paintings etc. All submissions must be original, unpublished and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Plagiarized content would be disqualified.
Submissions need to adhere to topics of social, legal, humanitarian, environmental, educational, and global importance.
Submission Guidelines
Contributions are solicited under the following heads:
· Long articles: 3000-4000 words
· Short articles: 1500-3000 words
· Essays/Opinions: 500-3000 words
· Other submissions: Poems, drawings, paintings, stories
Word limits are exclusive of footnotes.
All submissions are to be made in English.
We accept submissions from the public at large. Age is no bar.
The contributions should adhere to the following specifications
· Citation format: A uniform citation format is required. All sources must be adequately referenced in the form of end-notes.
· Font specifications: The body of the manuscript should be in Times New Roman, font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing. The footnotes should be in Times New Roman, font size 10 with single line spacing.
· Abstract: Submissions may be accompanied by an abstract, of not more than 250-300 words, which outline the area of study and any important conclusions that may be drawn by the author(s).
· Joint Contributions: Collaborative articles and essays by a maximum of three authors shall be considered.
· Authors: Authors must submit their designations, current institutional affiliations, email IDs and postal addresses and other such relevant details. Such details shall be mailed in a separate document and must not appear anywhere in the manuscript or the abstract.
The contributors shall get a certificate of publication.
Submission instructions
  • Submissions should contain the manuscript and authors’ details in two separate documents.
  • All documents must be in Microsoft Word’s .doc or .docx format only.
  • Submissions must only be in the form of electronic copies.
  • Your submissions will be acknowledged within 48 hours and subjected to a thorough review process by the peer review group.
  • In case the submission is accepted, the board shall inform the authors.
  • In case if the submission requires any changes, the reviewers would inform the same to the authors, who will be afforded reasonable time to submit a revised draft keeping in mind the reviewer’s comments.
All submissions and other related queries are to be sent to
Contact information
For any further clarifications, contact
Shahin Ahmed: 7399231909.
Allaka: 8826256089.

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