About Amity Law School, Noida –

Amity Law School, Noida (ALSN) is an institution of repute that has always channeled its resources wisely into providing high quality education and other developmental opportunities to its students. It focuses not only on giving an all-rounded education but also acknowledges the importance of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, which helps molding cognizant individuals and professionals. ALSN an institution of Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, not only focuses on the legal aptitude but also on the practicality while enlightening the students on the intricacies of law. It is fully geared to provide its students with an innovative and stimulating exposure. The high standards of legal education integrate their legal concepts with an incisive and practical understanding of law. The courses here develop the general skills and core competences essential for legal education. The focus is on the development of the capacity to analyze and reason, oral and written communication, knowledge application, intellectual curiosity, and professional integrity.

About Amity Legal Aid and Literacy Committee –

The Amity Legal Aid and Literacy Committee (ALALC) acts as a channel of information by conveying general socio-legal knowledge to the general population through its many online and offline camps, symposiums. workshops, and campaigns. The mission of the Committee is to create awareness of the numerous socio-legal issues facing our society today. The Committee has so far effectively appeared in various schools’ colleges and public places through well-coordinated activities by way of interactive sessions, dramatics, power point presentations, speeches, and many more such means. The activities of the committee included a pragmatic approach of self-learning by students as the committee necessarily or rather mandatorily provided for juvenile home visits, police station visits. courtroom visits, and many more such places to have practical exposures on the societal issues of utmost public importance. Since its incorporation, the committee has organised various workshops, participated in various conferences and seminars in order to have complete exposures. Thus, the working model of the committee has always remained self-learning through participation.

Call for Research Papers on Child Rights –

The Research and Content Committee of the ALALC calls for research papers on child rights focussing majorly on the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO).

Tentative Topics:

Child Labour

Child Abuse

Child Pornography

Education for Children

International Conventions on Child Rights

Comparative Analysis on Child Rights in different countries

Amendments in Laws related to Child Rights

Corporeal Punishment

Role of Court in Child Rights

Promotion of Child Rights

Note: The above topics are for reference and understanding the theme of the call for papers, authors can choose any topic which is related to child rights.


  • To encourage legal academicians to present their exceptional writing skills for the purpose of literary empowerment.
  • Giving students a platform to express themselves.
  • To broaden the horizons of students to think creatively.
  • To understand the perspective of young generations towards contemporary concerns.


Law students pursuing the three-year LLB, as well as the five years integrated LLB program, students pursuing LLM or PhD, Research Associates, Academicians, Educators, practitioners, and professionals interested or involved in the area are eligible to submit.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Word Limit for Research Papers: 3500-6000 words (The abstract for the same shouldn’t exceed 300 words)
  • Citations should be in the form of footnotes as per the 20thEdition Harvard Bluebook or Indian Law Institute (ILI) citation.
  • All works should be emailed in MS Word format.
  • The manuscript should also contain the name of the author, qualifications, the title of the manuscript, and contact information.
  • Co-authorship not more than two authors is allowed.
  • All submissions to be made to:
  • The last date for submission of full paper with Abstract is 15th February 2023.

Formatting Guidelines:

  • The main body of text in all submissions should be typed in the ‘Times New Roman’ font, font size 12, Line Spacing 1.5, justified.
  • The title must be typed in the ‘Times New Roman’ font, font size 14, bold, underlined.
  • The headings in the paper must be type in the ‘Times New Roman’ font, font size 12, bold.
  • The footnotes in all submissions should be typed in the ‘Times New Roman’ font, size 10, Line Spacing 1.

Selection Procedure:

All the works shall go through a plagiarism check (should not be more than 10%) and double-blinded review and the final acceptance of the same shall be conveyed to the respective author within two weeks of their submission. The work that is found to be plagiarized will be rejected right away.

Contact Us –

For any queries, you can write us to: or contact the Joint-Heads of Research and Content Committee of ALALC, ALSN:

Ms. Virkein Manglik: +91 97601 45009

Mr. Devashish Bhattacharyya: +91 60027 31848

Mr. Hardik Sharma: +91 98711 24478

Ms. Sandhya Prabhakaran: +91 99536 41699

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