About Indian Forum for Public Diplomacy (IFPD) 

Indian Forum for Public Diplomacy (IFPD) is a youth-run Not-for-profit, Non-Partisan organization run by students from all over India with an aim of aiding foreign policy thinking through young academia. In an era in which Foreign Policy has to be rooted in the landscape of people, diplomacy is no more just a government-to-government engagement. The idea of Public Diplomacy advocates the engagement of people into a participatory Foreign Policy and reform process. In the age of 21st century, where global co-operation is sporadic and the consensus is elusive, it is imperative to drive foreign policy and reform through people. The forum hence engages to bring forth initiatives through research, opinion, dialogue, and debate to catalyze global cooperation and enhance Indian Public diplomacy.

Theme – India and International Trade, WTO Studies


  • India’s relationship with the WTO
  • Appellate Body Crisis and implications to India / Exploring interim solutions for India
  • India and its position on Special and Differential Provisions (S&DT)
  • India’s new International Trade Policy, Challenges, and Perspectives
  • India and Regional Trade Agreements (RTA)
  • India and Free Trade Agreements (FTA)
  • India and the role of International Institutional Mechanisms on Trade and Policy.
  • India’s trade relations with regional states and groups

o   South Asia


o   Indo-Pacific

o   The Major 6 (US, UK, Russia, Japan, EU, China)

o   Latin America

o   Central Asia

o the Middle East etc.

  • Trade Facilitation, E-commerce and India’s priorities
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and India’s Priorities
  • Trade-in Services and India’s priorities
  • Trade and Technology – India’s priorities

Participants are free to choose any other topics that are relevant to the theme but, any subject or the theme chosen must concern India and its geopolitics/economics/law or policy.

Students can also explore India’s pending cases before the WTO and suggest solutions for the same. The arguments must be backed by legal provisions, precedents, etc.

Policy briefs or issue briefs shall not be accepted. All submissions must focus on proposing solutions, ideas or alternatives to existing policies or policies about to be put into practice.

  • Selected Authors shall be called upon again to undertake a project/internship and convert their papers into policy drafts under the guidance of our experts. These papers shall be sent as recommendations to the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) / Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) / Ministry of Commerce or any other Government bodies. (Undergraduate Students only)

o   All the Submissions must be made in English.

o   The submission must be made be made in

Font     : Times New Roman

Size       : 12

Spacing : 1.5

o   There is no prescribed form of citations. But all the secondary sources must be cited and must be cited uniformly.

o   Citations

Font: Times New Roman

Size :10

o   The submission must be accompanied by a declaration stating that the research represents the true and original work of the author, and must not be sent to any other publication. No plagiarism shall be tolerated.

o   All contributions submitted to the IFPD must be original, un-plagiarized, and unpublished.

o   By submitting contributions to IFPD, the Author confirms that the manuscript has not been sent for consideration to any other publication.

o   IFPD will have complete rights on the submissions made over the research works and to utilize them in any manner as it deems fit.

o   Co-Authorship up to 2 members is allowed.

o   The first page of the submission must include the title of the article, the Name of the author(s), and designation.

o   Word Limit – 1500 – 2000 Words (Excluding citations)

o the paper must include an abstract of 200-250 words.

the decision of the Board of Editors shall be final. The Board reserves the right to reject or edit any of the papers submitted.

o   Important Dates:

Last date for submission of papers – 20th April, 2021

Confirmation of Publication of selected authors – 10th May, 2021

Date of publication of the edition – June, 2021

Date of Project / internship – June / July 2021

o All submissions must be emailed to – with the SUBJECT: SUBMISSIONS – WTO@25

o Any queries can be addressed to / or Contact

Ms. Shrijitha Das

Managing Director, IFPD

Email –

Phone – +91 7799005599 (What’s app Preferable)

For further details, visit our website

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