The Centre for Intellectual Property Rights, Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, hereby invites articles, research papers, comments, case studies, and book reviews on “OTT Platforms Entertainment and Media Dissemination vis-à-vis Consumer Viewing Experiences” for publication in the VIIth Issue of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law, Nirma University, for its 2022-23 volume. 

The Sub-themes include the following:

  1. Future of IPR regime for OTT platforms in India.
  2. Blooming of OTT platforms and IPR concerns
  3. IPR, Innovation and an OTT platform as property – is the legal regime expanding? OR need for an expansion of the legal regime?
  4. Crime and violence-related content/programmes on OTT platforms – is there any IPR concern?
  5. Articulating IPR concerns of each stakeholder in the OTT industry. 
  6. Consumer experiences and expectations from OTT platforms
  7. Censorship and regulation of OTT platforms
  8. Intellectual Property Related aspects in OTT Media and Entertainment business

The list of sub-themes is not exhaustive; the contributors can interpret the broad theme per their interests. 


The Journal of Intellectual Property Law is a peer-reviewed ISSN serial journal published by the Centre for Intellectual Property Rights, Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is the endeavour of the Centre for Intellectual Property Rights to become the beacon in the field of Intellectual Property Rights by encouraging the synthesis of knowledge and best practices cutting across academia and the research fraternity.

Publication Policy

The Journal welcomes submissions from Academicians, Practitioners, Research Scholars and Students from Legal and allied fields.

The submissions must be original and should not be under consideration in any other journal. Articles with plagiarism (Similarity above 10%) and copyright issues are liable to be rejected immediately. Nirma University Law Journal is not subject to any liability in this regard.

Submission of work to the Journal of Intellectual Property Laws indicates that the authors grant exclusive permission to JIPL to publish and reproduce their work in all streams of media. Such right is subject to the doctrine of fair use as followed under the law relating to Intellectual Property Rights and subject to the entitlements of the author.

The editors reserve the right to delete or edit any article or part thereof whose content is found to be offensive, defamatory, outrightly unethical, or if it is suggestive of racism, sexual or religious discrimination, illegal or terror activities etc. A peer review process will be followed to scrutinize all the submissions. The authors of selected papers shall be notified of the results.


  • JIPL welcomes original and previously unpublished articles, case notes and case comments, and book reviews for publication in its 2022-23 volume. 
  • The word limit for the abstract should be between 350-500 words. The abstract must include the purpose of research, methodology, proposed outcome relevance and & literature and analysis gaps.
  • The word limit for articles is 5,000 to 10,000 words, including footnotes.
  • The word limit for case notes and case comments is 4,000 to 6,000 words, and the scope of inquiry may include analysis of recent case laws, legislations, policies or any recent issue.
  • The word limit for a book review is 3000 to 4000 words. We also welcome reviews of books that have significantly contributed to legal or academic scholarship in applying Copyright Law to the Film and Entertainment Industry. Successful submissions to this category will engage substantively with the ideas and themes explored in the book instead of merely providing a summary of its main arguments. 
  • All submissions must follow the Bluebook (21st Edition) style of citation; non-conformity will be a ground for rejection. (Link: The Bluebook Online (
  • Co-authorship of a maximum of two authors is allowed.

Submission Deadline

Last Date for Full Paper with Abstract Submission: December 04, 2022. 

Notification of Acceptance for Publication in Journal: January 2023. 

Tentative month of Publication of Journal: February 2023.

Submission Procedure

Please send all submissions on this id:

Entries must be sent by December 04, 2022 (11:59 pm).

For any further details, please contact on the below-mentioned address:

Centre for IPR, Institute of Law, Nirma University, SG Highway, Ahmedabad

Contact Email:                            

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