About Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies  

Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS) is committed to realizing  the words of Swami Vivekananda: “Man Making, Character Building and Nation  Building”. Dr. S. C. Vats, Chairman, VIPS has set the motto of VIPS as “In  pursuit of perfection”. Thus, VIPS is consistently striving for perfection. Prof R  Venkata Rao, (Former VC, NLSIU), Chairperson, VSLLS and VSES, says  Education is not information but formation- formation of a complete Human  Being. 

Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies is affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh  Indraprastha University, recognized by Bar Council of India and UGC under  Section 2(f), with NAAC ‘A’ accreditation. Over the years, VIPS has shown a  remarkable growth in terms of number of courses offered as well as students in 

take every year, apart from creating a niche for itself with its all-round  performance in the university examinations. It has been an endeavor at VIPS to  constantly provide a better learning atmosphere for students and become a center  for excellence. Currently, VIPS is running a number of programs including BCA,  MCA, B.A.LL.B (Hons.), B.B.A.LL.B, LL.M, BBA, BBA (B&I), B.Com  (Hons.), B.A.(H) (Economics) and PGDBM. 

About VIPS Student Law Review  

VIPS Student Law Review is a student run Peer and Blind Reviewed Journal. The  Journal runs under the faculty advisory committee of VSLLS, VIPS. It has been 

established with the objective of becoming a formidable instrument in taking the  standard of legal research in country up by several notches. It is an annual, student  edited journal focusing on inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approaches  towards legal writing. The Journal aims to publish long articles/ short articles,  case comments, book reviews/ legislation review on all aspects of law and related  issues. The Journal aims at giving the opportunity to legal academia, research  scholars, students, advocates and activists working towards the enhancement of  legal scholarship. Hence, the Journal will serve as the platform for innovative  thought sharing and will aim at contributing in dynamic growth of legal  knowledge.  

Categories for Submission  

The Editorial Committee of VIPS Student Law Review is inviting quality  research papers on law and legal policies including its allied branches from the  legal fraternity:  

Research Scholars  



The Review seeks to provide a platform for engaging in multi-disciplinary  discussions on themes of law, society and justice. Research Articles should have  proper research questions and should also reflect the findings. The submission  can be sent under the following categories:  

  1. Long Articles: Between 4000 to 6000 words, inclusive of footnotes. 
  2. Short Articles: Between 3000 to 5000 words, inclusive of footnotes. 
  3. Case Comments/Book Review/Legislation Review: Between 2000 – 3000  words, inclusive of footnotes. 

Guidelines for Submissions 

Submissions should be in Times New Roman, 12 font size with 1.5 line  spacing, justified text and 1 inch margins on all sides of an A4 sheet. The  page number should be center aligned at the bottom of each page.  

Footnotes should be in Times New Roman, font size 10 with single line  spacing.  

Graphics, Charts, Tables, and Diagrams should be numbered consecutively  and included in the body of the work. Submission must be compatible with  Microsoft Word. 

All the submissions must be emailed at  along with a cover page with the title of the research paper, Name of the  author and Designation of the author. The research paper should not  contain any reference to the identity of the author in order to enable  anonymous screening and peer review.  

Each submission should be accompanied by an abstract of not more than  300 words.  

The submission must be the original work of the authors. Any manuscript  above 15% plagiarism will lead to disqualification.  

Submitted entries must not have been sent for consideration at any other  place for presentation or publication. A declaration to the same effect must  accompany each submission.  

Co-authorship is allowed. Maximum number of Co-authors for a  submission shall be restricted to 2 (two).  

Multiple submissions by the same author(s) are not allowed.

VIPS Student Law Review follows the Harvard Blue Book (20th Edition)  citation style. Authors are requested to follow the same.  

Copyright of all the submissions shall exclusively vest with VSLLS, VIPS.

One complimentary hard copy of the Journal would be issued to the author  after publication. In case of co-authorship, the complimentary hard copy  would be issued only to the first author. 

Opening Date of Submission:- 

5th February, 2022 

Closing Date of Submission:- 

30th April, 2022 

VIPS Student Law Review, Volume IV shall be published in August, 2022 


All Editorial Correspondence must be addressed to:  

The Editorial Board 

VIPS Student Law Review 

Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies 

AU-Block (Outer Ring Road), Pitampura,  




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