CALL FOR CHAPTERS/PAPERS/ARTICLES IN EDITED BOOK ON THE THEME “Women Empowerment and Inclusive Growth” (To be published by renowned publishing house with ISBN)
Recommended Topics: The major broad topics are:
•Women’s education and involvement in household decisions and development
• Women’s work and empowerment in the household and development
• Freedom of movement and development, and empowerment.
• Women empowerment and domestic violence.
• Women empowerment and development.
• Indian Economy and Women Empowerment.
• Promoting Robust and Sustained Inclusive Growth.
• Dealing with Gender inequalities: Some Policy Options
• Socio-Economic Women Empowerment
• Women and Governances.
• Women Health and Nutrition.
• Feminine quest for assertion
•Role of Microfinance in Women Empowerment.
• Educational Empowerment of Women.
• Empowerment through Legal Knowledge.
• Women Safety through Technology.
• Women and Sustainable Development.
• Women’s Health.
• Domestic Violence.
• Gazettes for Women Safety.
• Women and careers.
• Women and Leadership.
• Women and Entrepreneurship.
• Role of women in Agriculture
• Women Post marriage
• Women and societal Tolerance
• Felinity in Indian Television
For Whom: Students, Researchers & Academicians from the related areas, Policy makers in Government and nongovernmental organisations, Experts from the Industry and Corporate.
Guidelines for Full Paper Submission: 
Full length paper (soft copy in 3500 limited words) must be send via E-mail to till 30th August 2022.
A processing fee of ₹800 per author/copy should be paid by author(s) only for accepted papers.
Authors are requested to follow submission rules as specified:
• Only original and unpublished work is sought. The contributors should certify that manuscript has neither been published anywhere nor is being considered presently anywhere for publication.
• Submission should include a separate title page which clearly indicates the name(s) of the author(s),affiliation(s), complete mailing address (s), telephone/fax numbers and e-mail address(s), title of the paper and up to four key words that describe the paper.
• For preparation of the manuscript, the author(s) is requested to follow APA Citation Style. An electronic version of the manuscript in MS Word format should be submitted via email and a hard copy of the same should be sent. (All text should be in single space with 1inch margin on all the sides on (A4) size paper using a font size of 12 in Times Roman / font size of 14 in Kruti dev for Hindi.
Dr. Suhail Ahmed Khan
Assistant Professor
Department of Agriculture,IIAST
Integral University, Lucknow
Phone Number – 9415152543
Dr. Arshi Khan
Department of Languages
Integral University, Lucknow
For Enquiries Contact
 Brijesh Kumar Yadav
Faculty of Law,
Integral University, Lucknow

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