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About the RFMLR Blog

The Editorial Board of RFMLR operates the RFMLR Blog at The RFMLR Blog aims to provide a platform for the expression of novel ideas and analysis of contemporary issues in business and commercial laws.

In addition to RFMLR Call for Blogs (Open Theme), the Editorial Board periodically releases theme-specific Call for Blogs to advance discourse on a particular field of commercial laws. Previously, the Editorial Board has invited blogs on Corporate Governance, Competition Law, Digital Commerce and Fintech Law, Telecom Law, Aviation Law, among others.

RFMLR Blog Series on Evolving Landscape of Intellectual Property Rights

The advancement in information technology, coupled with rising internet penetration has made copying, transferring, distributing, and manipulating intellectual property easier, cheaper, quicker, and harder to detect than ever before. With the existing laws around the world needing revision in the face of technological innovation, we stand at the cusp of another great revolution that will usher in the age of artificial intelligence.

As AI steadily becomes capable of being as creative as the human mind and more people continue to breach IP laws, policymakers must adapt to the rapid pace of technological development while striking a fair balance between the rights of IP owners and the rights of the public.

The blog series aims to encourage an insightful discourse on the evolving legal landscape surrounding intellectual property rights by inviting submissions from legal academicians, practitioners, lawyers, legal experts, and students.

Sub-themes (Illustrative):


  • Copyright concerns in Music Streaming Industry
  • Copyright issues pertaining to Live Streaming of Gameplays, Online Reviews, and Walkthroughs
  • Performers’ Right to Royalty: A Comparative Analysis of Scope and Limitations
  • Tussle between Indian Performing Rights Society and Radio Stations over Payment of Separate Royalty for Underlying Works: An Analysis
  • An Analysis of Scope and Effectiveness of Statutory Licensing Regime under Copyright Act, 1957
  • Copyright Protection of Content Posted on Social Media
  • The Sci-Hub/Libgen Case: Analysing the ‘fair use’ Exception to Copyright Infringement

Patents Law

  • Critical Analysis of the Patent Amendment Rules, 2021 (Draft Rules)
  • An Appraisal of the Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2020 and Patent (2nd Amendment) Rules, 2020
  • Patent Infringements during the Pandemic: Public Interest Jurisprudence with respect to Life-saving Drugs

Geographical Indication

  • An Appraisal of the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) (Amendment) Rules, 2020

IP and Design Rights

  • Critical Analysis of the Design (Amendment) Rules, 2021
  • Japan’s Design Act, 2020: Analysis and Lessons for India

IPR Issues in Digital Space

  • IP Laws Playing Catch Up with Technology?: IP Protection for Creative Work by Artificial Intelligence
  • IPR issues arising in Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Technologies
  • The Interplay of Intellectual Property and E-Sports
  • Due Diligence Requirements and Liability for IPR Infringement vis-a-vis Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021
  • Trademark concerns related to Online Domain Names and Cybersquatting
  • Key IPR issues in Digital Media Industry

IPR and Data Protection

  • Mandatory Sharing of Data under the Proposed Framework for Governance of Non-Personal Data: Balancing IPR Rights, Innovation, and Public Interest
  • Conflict between Right to Data Portability of Consumers and Intellectual Property Rights of Companies: An Analysis

IP Enforcement and Licensing

  • Mediation of IP disputes
  • Proposed Abolishment of the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB): Possible Impacts and Repercussions


  • The Interface between IPR and Competition Law
  • Protection of Celebrity Rights under IPR
  • IP Due Diligence in M&A Transactions
  • IPR Concerns in International Space Exploration Projects
  • Case Comment on “COVI SHIELD” Trademark Dispute

Submission Guidelines

The Editorial Board invites blog submissions from legal practitioners, professionals, academicians, and law students. For detailed submission guidelines, click here or see our Call for Blogs Brochure attached.


The submissions shall be sent to the Editorial Board through Google form, here, by May 10, 2021.


In addition to the Call for Blogs on IPR theme, RFMLR also invites submissions on a rolling basis on corporate law, securities law, insolvency law, banking law, ADR, competition law, taxation law, and other contemporary issues in commercial laws under RFMLR Call for Blogs (Open Theme).

For further details, please refer to the brochure.

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