The NLIU Cell for Studies in Intellectual Property Rights (CSIPR) was established to advance and foster the development of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The CSIPR organizes academic events such as conferences and will resume the publication of its annual NLIU Journal of Intellectual Property Law to expose students to the various facets of IPR.

The CSIPR Blog is a student-led initiative that aims to foster research in IPR and promote discourse on technology law issues through the solicitation of submissions from interested parties.

The Blog serves as a comprehensive resource for legal developments and insights in the fields of IPR and technology law, contributing to the existing body of jurisprudence.

Submissions to the blog are accepted on a rolling basis and are open to students, academics, and professionals.

  1. Post Acceptance Criteria:
    • Posts must align with the blog’s scope, focusing on intellectual property law and/or technology law.
    • Posts should be relevant to current debates in IP or technology law.
    • Authors are encouraged to provide fresh perspectives, ideas, and opinions.
  2. Topic Selection:
    • Authors can seek guidance by emailing if they have concerns about choosing a topic.
  3. Word Count:
    • Submissions should contain a minimum of 800 words and should not exceed 1500 words.
    • CSIPR may adjust this word range on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Structure and Referencing:
    • Submissions are recommended to include sub-headings for clarity.
    • References should primarily be hyperlinks, with an emphasis on recent amendments and lesser-known laws.
    • In exceptional cases, authors may use endnotes following the Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities.
  5. Review Process:
    • Each post undergoes a two-stage internal review.
    • Editors have the discretion to approve or reject posts.
    • Authors may need to make language/grammar revisions, justify their legal positions, and respond to reviewer comments for publication.
  6. Co-Authorship:
    • Up to two authors can collaborate on a single post.
  7. Submission Format:
    • Submissions must be in MS Word format.
    • The document should not reveal the authors’ identity.
  8. Title and Keywords:
    • Post titles should not exceed 20 words.
    • Authors are asked to provide 5 keywords summarizing the post’s essence.
  9. Submission Form:
    • Authors must use the provided submission form.
    • All required fields must be completed accurately.
  10. Originality and Plagiarism:
    • Authors confirm that their submission is original work, not copied or plagiarized.
    • The work should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
    • CSIPR may take action against authors who violate these rules.
  11. Acceptance and Contributors:
    • Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.
    • Open to students, academicians, and professionals.
  12. Republishing and Citation:
    • Posts may be republished or cross-posted without prior permission.
    • Republished posts should acknowledge their first appearance on the CSIPR blog.
    • Posts may be cited or referenced in other works with proper credit to the author and the blog.

For any other queries, please reach out to us at

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