The Centre for Law & Urban Development at National Law University, Delhi, aims to bring together the students, industries and academia working towards enhancing the understanding and teaching of property, housing, urban development and other related laws. In doing so, the Centre has undertaken a variety of projects and activities, such as the SDG Series, Research Projects and Publications on relevant topics of prime importance and awareness drives through proactive public initiatives and webinars, amongst a multitude of other projects. These projects are driven towards answering some pertinent questions that surround the existing system within today’s society such as the needs, status and standing of the underprivileged in the urban structure and other such key issues that plague the societies in their current form. In an attempt to offer solutions that are not just viable but also sustainable, pragmatic and stakeholder friendly, CLUD has also undertaken projects in the area of affordable housing to ensure housing for all as a facet of urban planning. At CLUD, we understand that Urban Planning is an all-round and holistic field of study that requires the cooperation of professionals and scholars from diverse fields. This will further our aim to also delve into and attempt to tackle issues such as the impact of climate change on sustainable cities, the prospects of smart cities and the scope of Urban Development in its truest sense from the lens of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

To further the goals and ambitions of CLUD, we would also collaborate with and work towards initiatives like the HUDCO, NPCC, NBCC, Project AMRUT and the Delhi Development Authority to truly realize the implications of the efforts undertaken and be the change we envision for the future.


  1. Urban Governance and Legal Frameworks: Exploring the intersection of law and governance in urban contexts, including issues of decentralization, local administration, and regulatory frameworks.
  1. Sustainable Urban Development: Analyzing legal strategies and policy interventions for promoting sustainability in urban areas, encompassing topics such as environmental protection, resource management, and climate resilience.
  1. Housing Rights and Affordable Housing: Investigating legal challenges and solutions concerning housing rights, eviction policies, homelessness, and the provision of affordable housing in urban settings.
  1. Land Use Planning and Zoning Laws: Examining the role of legal mechanisms in land use planning, urban zoning regulations, land acquisition, and equitable distribution of land resources.
  1. Transportation Law and Urban Mobility: Addressing legal issues related to urban transportation systems, public transit, infrastructure development, and access to transportation services.
  1. Smart Cities and Technology Regulation: Discussing the legal implications of technological innovations in urban environments, including data privacy, cybersecurity, and governance of smart city initiatives.
  2. Social Justice and Inclusive Development: Investigating legal strategies to promote social equity, access to justice, and inclusive urban development, with a focus on marginalized communities and vulnerable populations.


– Submissions should be original and unpublished work. – Articles should be between 800 to 1500 words.

– Citations and references should follow oscola/bluebook format.

– Authors are encouraged to include relevant case studies, empirical data, or policy analysis to support their arguments.

– Please include a brief author bio (100 words) and a high- resolution author photo.

– Submissions should be sent as Word documents to with the subject line: “Submission for Centre for Law and Urban Development Blog Series.”


The call for submissions is ongoing, and contributions will be accepted on a rolling basis. Authors will be notified of the status of their submissions within 30 days

We look forward to receiving your insightful contributions and fostering meaningful dialogue on the critical issues at the intersection of law and urban development.

Hoping to receive a positive response from your institution.

In case of any queries related to the blog, please write to us at

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