The Chamber of Business is a group of legal and business professionals who advocates for the betterment of businesses and conduct thorough research on legal and economic factors in the business sector in order to develop strategic action plans to enhance the economic well-being of the entrepreneur community.

We are dedicatedly committed to the Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission of The Government of India, to make India a self-reliant country by encouraging entrepreneurship among the masses. Our mission is to create an environment in which businesses can prosper by promoting interest in business possibilities. We are moving towards our goal with a thought to provide business knowledge & skills in a very interactive and simplified way through digital space among everyone who has the zeal to pursue their entrepreneurial journey.


TCB is inviting submission for Blogs on any topic of Commercial Disputes. The submission is accepted on a rolling basis.


  1. Corporate Law
  2. Intellectual Property Rights
  3. Taxation
  4. Commercial Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
  5. Insolvency & Bankruptcy Law
  6. Capital Markets
  7. Banking & Finance

Note: The Themes provided above are merely suggestive in nature. The author(s) can choose to write on any other topic beyond the aforementioned themes so far it falls in the ambit of commercial law.


Students of Undergraduate and postgraduate, Ph.D. programs, professionals and academicians are eligible to make their submissions.


Authors wishing to contribute their work to TCB should ensure that their submission conforms and confines to the following guidelines:

  • The Word Limit is 800- 1500 words
  • Co-authorship is limited to a maximum of two authors only.
  • The Plagiarism should not be more than 20%. The piece exceeding the limit will out rightly be rejected.
  • The submission should be the original, unpublished work of the author (s). It should not be in consideration at any other forum.
  • The submission must be made in the ‘Doc’ or ‘Docx’ file only.
  • The Language for the submission of a manuscript will be only English.

Formatting Guidelines

  • Font (Throughout): Times New Roman
  • Heading Size: 14 (Centre Alignment)
  • Font Size: 12
  • The submission shall be properly structured with sub-heading/sub-topics.
  • The submission must have hyperlinks to the sources, including any judgments, laws, treaties, or legal text which are referenced. Hyperlinks must link only to legal or respected news sources. The editors make the final decision over what constitutes a respectable source.
  • References that cannot be hyperlinked may be cited in the endnote.

Kindly adhere to the aforementioned guidelines. If the submission does not follow the format, it shall be rejected.


  • All the submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.
  • The authors should submit the manuscript on the email id: The first page of the manuscript will include Author’s name & photo.
  • All the entries will be screened by the editorial board before publication.
  • The authors, by submitting their entries, would be deemed to have divested the copyright to TCB. However, all the moral rights shall remain with the Author (s).



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