CIIPR is a recent initiative of RGNUL, Punjab under the able leadership of Prof. (Dr.) Naresh  Kumar Vats with an aim to provide education and training opportunities in the field of IPR and  also foster research activities amongst the student body. The Centre has already begun undertaking  innovative projects such as the National Competition on Legal Innovation & Legal Startups – 2021, “Promoting the Culture of Legal Entrepreneurship” in collaboration with Legal StartUps,  New Delhi. 


Law & Tech Times is a student-run, blind peer-reviewed newsletter/blog, working under CIIPR,  and based at Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab. It is the flagship initiative in the  field of technology law, founded with the objective of facilitating research in the field of  technological advancements and its interface with law. 

The main objective of the law is to catch-up with the advancing innovations in the field of  technology and the laws that govern them. Our team seeks to study this relationship of how the  law interacts with science and technology. Within such a short while of its existence, the team has  begun publishing its newsletters. The team’s offerings related to science and technology are  grouped into various attractive clusters of study like the Intellectual Property Rights law, Health  laws, Internet law, and Cyberspace regulations, Technological and Civil liberties, etc. Our team is  dedicated to the aim of exploring these fields in detail. 


Innovation in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as well as other forms of  digitalized products and services is moving at much faster rate for legal institutions to regulate the  pace of the technological advancement. Technologies like virtual reality, artificial intelligence or  blockchain is bringing a paradigmatic shift in the physical world. There exists much scope for law  and policy makers to structuralize the ICTs interventions in our lives. Hence, the Blog Series aims  to facilitate discussions related to the legal and regulatory policy considerations for technological  advancements and much needed legal framework around them.


Law and Tech Times invites blogs on a rolling basis on contemporary issues related to Technology  Laws. Under exceptional circumstances, the editorial board may accept pieces that revisit  important issues that may have gone dormant, if they provide a unique and novel perspective or  have renewed scope for discussion. 


  • All submissions must be in Times New Roman, font size 12, spacing 1.5.
  • Margins:  

Left 1.5 Inch,  

Right 1 Inch,  

Top 1 Inch, and  

Bottom 1 Inch. 

  • Word limit for each post is 1500 words
  • The relevant sources should be hyperlinked within the article itself.
  • Sources of which no link could be provided must be mentioned at the end under bibliography.
  • The manuscript should be accompanied by a cover letter specifying the author’s name,   designation, institute, contact number, and email for future reference. [Authors are requested  to not put their name anywhere in the main manuscript]. 
  • All entries should be submitted in .doc or .docx format. 
  • The manuscripts must be e-mailed to
  • The subject of the e-mail should be titled “Submission for Law & Tech Times Blog  Series”. 
  • Co-authorship of a maximum of 2 persons is permitted. 
  • The author(s) bear sole responsibility for the accuracy of facts, opinions or views stated in the  submitted Manuscript. 
  • The language has to be politically neutral and not conflicting with the general guidelines.
  • Language used shouldn’t be abusive or result in disrepute of any third person.
  • We don’t accept plagiarized content and in case of gross plagiarism found in the contents of  the submitted manuscript, the manuscript shall be subject to rejection. 
  • Copyright of all blog posts shall remain with Law & Tech Times.
  • All moral rights shall vest with the author(s). 
  • The manuscripts not abiding to the above guidelines are liable to be rejected.
  • Final Discretion of Acceptance of the Manuscript lies with the Editorial Board after  undergoing the procedure of blind peer-review. 


In the case of any query, mail us at You may also contact the following  people in case of a query: 

Satvik Mishra (+91-9453010047) 

Gunjan Singh (+91-8077870322)

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