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A quest to harness and highlight bright minds and innovative ideas lie at the very core of the Centre for Corporate Law Studies, Institute of Law, Nirma University. With the object of furthering the discussion on Corporate Laws, the Centre for Corporate Law Studies Blog welcomes submissions on a rolling basis throughout the year, from law students, academicians, law practitioners, and anybody who holds an affinity for corporate laws.

The objective of the blog is to create a free space to generate fruitful discourse and encourage students to work on contemporary advancements in the field of Corporate Law. The blog paves the way for CCLS to become a melting pot for an exchange of ideas between both students and experts. We hope that this would provide a greater incentive to students to reassess and be creative with the way they perceive and study this field of law.

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Trending legal issues in the field of Corporate and allied laws.

Submission guidelines:

The authors are required to abide by the submission guidelines, which are as follows:

  1. The submission should be free of plagiarism and should be the original work of the Author.
  2. The submission should not be an existing publication of any other journal or blog.
  3. Co-authorship of the submission is permitted.
  4. The submission must be in the form of an article, blog, or case comment.
  5. The submission should be concise and should be summed within 1000-1200 words. However, if the content requires, flexibility may be allowed.
  6. The font of the content should be Times New Roman and the alignment should be justified with font size 12 and line spacing 1.5.
  7. The submission must be in an MS Word document. In addition to the submission, it is recommended that a .pdf file is also attached to avoid any probable formatting issues.
  8. Case Laws, Statutory Material, and other relevant authorities or sources shall be cited in the format of 20th Bluebook Harvard Citation as endnotes under the head of ‘References/ Sources’.
  9. Interested Authors may submit their Article/Blog/Case Comment at with the subject line- ‘CCLS Submission’. It is hereby kindly requested that the author/s must include information about the name of their institute, name of their course, and year of study along with their full names in the body of the email containing the submission.
  10. The editorial team solely reserves the right to accept or reject the submission after a due and rigorous editorial review.
  11. Any non-compliance with the above-mentioned guidelines shall result in a breach. Thus, leading to the rejection of the submission.
  12. The author will be communicated about the acceptance or the rejection of his/ her submission within 2 weeks of submitting the article/blog/case comment via email.

Contact Info:

Kindly find attached, the poster for the same.

Clarifications, if any can be sought from the CCLS team by writing an email to

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