About the blog 

The Being Lawgical Blog is an open access, blog started by an effort made by a group of  students to increase awareness of law. The blog does not confine its scope to any fixed topic  of law, instead it provides an opportunity to the authors to contribute articles on any topic  related of law or even inter-disciplinary social issues. 

Submission Guidelines: – 

  • We accept articles/short notes/case commentaries etc. on any topic related to the field  of law. 
  • The manuscript must not exceed 1200 words (Excluding endnotes) 
  • All submissions must be in MS word format, i.e in .doc/.docx form. Submissions in  PDF form shall not be entertained. 
  • All submissions made should be original, unpublished and free from any grammatical  or spelling errors. 
  • The Being Lawgical Blog accepts only exclusive submissions, i.e manuscripts  published on our blog must not be published elsewhere before or after the publication.  At the time of submission, it must not be under consideration elsewhere. We do not accept plagiarised work. (Except the accepted 20%) 
  • The font style and size are as follows: – 

 Font Style (Content and footnotes): – Times New Roman 

 Font Size- Content: – 12, Endnotes: – 10 

 Line Spacing-Content: -1.5, Endnotes: – 1 

 Margins: – 1 inch from all sides 

  • All references must be given in the form of endnotes. 
  • The citation style must conform to ILI form of citation. 
  • Co-authorship is permitted up to maximum 2 authors. 
  • The manuscript or the name of the file should not contain any personal information of  the author(s). 
  • The details of the author(s), including their names, institutional affiliations, year of  study, email ID and contact number must be mentioned in the body of the Email itself. All submissions must be emailed to The Being Lawgical Blog strives to inform author(s) about acceptance/rejection of their  manuscript (s) at the earliest. This process may take up to 4-7 days. 
  • Manuscripts failing to adhere to the above-mentioned guidelines are liable to be  rejected. 
  • The exclusive right with respect to acceptance/rejection of a manuscript rests solely  with Being Lawgical. Mere submission of a manuscript does not guarantee acceptance  and/or publication.
  • Being Lawgical reserves the right to make minor changes in the manuscript in order to  make it suitable for publication. 
  • Upon review, authors may be required to make certain amendments, which they will be  required to make in good faith within 7 days from the date of information. The decision of Being Lawgical shall be final and binding. 
  • After publication, author(s) shall receive a Certificate of Publication.

For any queries: – 

Visit or 9310126697

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