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About the Blog
ELSR is a student-run and peer reviewed blog. The blog was founded by students of various National Law Universities. We here at ELS Review focus on inter-disciplinary discovery and dissection of law. We attempt to escape from the four walls of the statutes and synthesise thoughts and ideas from other disciplines so as to link them with law.
Law cannot be understood in pure isolation and it is bound to intersect with disciplines like economics, philosophy, politics and sociology, for law is not what is drafted by the legislatures and crafted by the judges; it is something everyone including you and we interacts with, on a daily basis.
We strive to bring forth academically excellent content across various fields of Law and Social Sciences which includes Economics, History, Politics among others.
Submission Guidelines
1. The submission should deal with a relevant/topical issue concerning any area of Law. Articles on History/Political Science/Economics/Policy will also be accepted. However, some legal relevance of the piece is mandatory.
2. Only original work of the author(s) will be accepted. Submissions will be screened for plagiarism. Plagiarism > 30 % will be a ground for rejection.
3. Submissions must be emailed to with the subject ‘SUBMISSION FOR ELSR’.
4. The articles should be mailed to us in a word document and while formatting the document, the author(s) should keep the following things in mind:
a) Font size: 12 pt., Font style: Times New Roman and Line spacing: 1.5 lines.
b)The authorities and sources should be duly acknowledged and hyperlinks should be used for the same. If hyperlinks are not available, then footnotes (uniform style) can be used.
5. The body of the email must contain a short bio of the author(s) and the name of the institution that they are affiliated to. Submissions are welcomed from students/researchers/practitioners/faculty members.
6. The submission should preferably be between 1200-1500 words excluding footnotes. However, submissions of longer length can be published in parts with author’s consent.
7. The board would look into various factors like relevance to the theme of the blog, accuracy of facts, depth of analysis, coherence in argumentation and lastly, language and structure of the content.
8. Upon selection, author will be intimated of the same and will be required to send an image which should be representative of the submission piece.
9. Generally, the author(s) will be intimated about acceptance/rejection within 7 days of submission.
10. Co-authorship is allowed upto two authors.
11. Cross-posting is allowed with the permission of the editors.
Contact Details 
For more information or in case of query you can contact at

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