“यदि कोई युवा मातृभूमी की सेवा नहीं करता तो उसका जीवन व्यर्थ है”- Chandra Shekhar Azad. It’s high time we make a good use of our freedom and bring a revolution in our country with words.
‘BATTLE OF THE BEST’ is where your search for the BEST virtual debating competition comes to an end. We ensure you a thrilling event with incredible arguments and brilliant exchanges; and that too with a mind-boggling prize money of ₹20,000.
Wrap-Up as:
PRELIMINARY ROUND- (6th and 7th Feb): Participants have to prepare a 2 minute speech, either in ‘Favour’ or ‘Against’ of the topic chosen.
FINAL ROUND- (13th Feb): Debaters shortlisted from the previous round qualify for this round. All the competitors will be provided a motion (Favour or Against). Topic will remain the same as chosen in the Preliminary round. This round will consist of a 2.5 minutes speech followed by 2.5 minutes of rebuttal per participant. Every participant will be paired against a challenger. Their one-to-one competition will happen.
  • 1st Prize : ₹4,000; 2nd Prize : ₹3,000; 3rd Prize : ₹2000, 4th Prize : ₹1,000.
  • Apart from the 4 main prizes, ₹100 to all the finalists..
  • Gift hamper, worth ₹500 to all the finalist.
  • Certificate of winning to the merit holders.
  • Certificate of participation to all the participants.

Registration: Click Here

NOTE: Participants will be allotted a slot number that will belong to a particular time slot. This will be done in all the rounds.

Language: Hindi/English

Registration Fee : ₹ 80

Date : 6th & 7th Febrauary 2021

For any query contact:

Alok Agarwal: 9681830894

Sonali Singh: 8697158359

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