AUR   MUN   1.0   was   held   on   11th   and   12th   November   2017   with 300+ participation   from different colleges and schools. Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically role-play delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. This activity takes   place at MUN conferences. At   the end   of   most conferences, outstanding delegates in each committee are recognized and given awards. Thousands of middle school, high school, and college students across the country and around the world participate in Model United Nations. Through MUN, you will be able to gain skills including, but not limited to researching, public speaking, debating, writing, critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership. Education has a great social importance especially in the modern, complex societies like ours. Education has this function of cultural transmission in all societies. It is only at the under leaves of the schools and international Conferences, like AURMUN, that any serious attempt has been, or now is, made to deal with this area. Individual must have personalities shaped or fashioned in ways   that   fit   into   this   changing   world.  Education   everywhere   has   the   function   of   the formation   of   social   personalities.   Education   helps   in   transmitting   culture   through   proper moulding of social personalities. In this way, it contributes to the integration. The importance of education is undeniable for every single person. It goes without saying that education has a positive effect on human life. All people need to study. Only with the advent of education can

People gain knowledge and enlarge their view over the world. Education through Model UN Conferences is beneficial for society overall. It is a life-long process to each student that needs to be reinforced throughout life.


Amity University Rajasthan is one of the latest proud additions in the legacy of the 25 years old Amity Education Group of India, set up with a vision to contribute in nation-building through excellence in higher education, research, and innovation. Amity University is ranked among top 3% Universities globally by QS- 2018 ranking Amity University Rajasthan is a part   of   Amity   India’s   leading   education   group   with   more   than   1,50,000   students,   11universities, 150 institutions, 25 schools & pre-schools, 10 overseas campuses in Singapore, Mauritius, USA, Beijing, Nanjing, South Africa, London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Romania. Amity University Rajasthan is built on a foundation which embodies all the qualities that have made Amity institutions world class over the last two decades. Located in a sprawling150 acre green campus on Delhi-Jaipur Highway, the University with its state of- the-art infrastructure has instituted global standards in education, training, and research with focus on the latest teaching methodologies.


The School has been established under Amity University Rajasthan to achieve world-class legal education in the state and the country. In its constant pursuit to excellence, it is always endeavouring to create a legacy of leadership, professional acumen, and excellence. The Amity Law School (ALS), Amity University, Rajasthan has been established in the year2008.   ALS   is   offering   courses   in   PhD,   LL.M   (1Year),   BA-LL.B (H),   B.Com-LL.B (H), BBALL.B (H).   Amity   Law   School   trains   a   new   cadre   of   legal   professionals   through comprehensive   and   contemporary   body   of   integrated   knowledge,   rigorous   educational practices, and research programs. The institute has well- qualified, experienced, and dedicated faculties who are committed to the cause of quality legal education. ALS is affiliated to Amity University and approved by the Bar Council of India. The methods of teaching in the Law School include lecture discussions, case law analysis, moot court training, project assignment and placement programmes. In addition, the School organizes   seminars   on   contemporary   legal   issues,   conducts   clinical   courses   and   trains students in legal research and legal writing. By the time a student completes the programme, he/she   will   be   fully   equipped   with   the   required   theoretical   knowledge   and   practical experience in the field of law to become a full-fledged responsible member of the legal profession.


1.   United Nations General Assembly First Committee (GA1)

      Agenda– International cooperation in the peaceful use of outer space.

2.   United Nations Human Rights Council

      Agenda– Protection of humanitarian workers in conflict zones.

3.   Stakeholders Meet

      Agenda– India’s Progress in Agrarian Reforms.

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