1. Think India NLUJA Assam:
Think India is a nationwide initiative that seeks to bring together students, intellectuals, and professionals to engage in discussions on national issues. Think India NLUJA Assam operates within the National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam. It serves as a platform for students to express their thoughts, engage in intellectual discourse, and contribute to shaping the narrative of the nation.
2. National Youth Day:
National Youth Day is celebrated annually on January 12th, marking the birthday of Swami Vivekananda, a philosopher, and spiritual leader. The day is observed to recognize the importance of youth in shaping the future of the nation. It aims to inspire young minds to contribute positively to society, fostering a sense of responsibility, leadership, and dedication to the welfare of the nation.
3. Article Writing Competition – Vision of Youth for Bharat:
Think India NLUJA Assam is organizing an Article Writing Competition on the theme “Vision of Youth for Bharat.” This competition aligns with the broader goal of encouraging the youth to actively participate in discussions related to the development and governance of the nation.
Participants are invited to express their visions for the country through articles on The competition aims to provide a platform for diverse perspectives, acknowledging the crucial role of the youth in decision-making processes.
Notably, the top three articles selected will be published on the Think India Blog. Additionally, all participants will receive a Certificate of Participation, recognizing their contribution to the intellectual discourse on the vision for Bharat.
To facilitate submissions, a QR code has been provided, streamlining the process for participants. The guidelines ensure a structured approach to submissions, specifying word limits, formatting, and plagiarism limits. This initiative serves as an inclusive opportunity for students from various institutions to engage in constructive dialogue and contribute meaningfully to the ongoing narrative of the nation’s development.
However the participants can also upload their submissions by clicking on this link
Submission guidelines 
1.The article should consist of a maximum 1500 words, exclusive of footnotes.
2.Font – Times New Roman; Size 12 for Text, 10 for Footnotes.
3. Line spacing – 1.5 for text and single for footnotes.
4. Citation and references can be in any form, but there should be one throughout your assignment.
6. Send your submissions in word document format.
7. Plagiarism should not be more than 10%.

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