On 31st October, 2022 Kashyap Partners & Associates LLP – a boutique law firm in Gurgaon and Delhi with a presence in New York, New Jersey and California – announced the launch of the Department of Life Sciences. This department will be responsible for legal research, legal services and client support in the field of life sciences. 

KPA LLP is one of the few law firms in India with a specialised department in life sciences law. The law firm has always endeavoured to provide legal research, guidance and knowledge in niche and specialised fields of law. This department is yet another step in furtherance of the firm’s mission. KPA LLP has several years of experience catering to IVF Clinics, clinical research centres, surgeons, medical practitioners, mental healthcare professionals, telemedicine platforms and e-pharmacies both in India and the US. 

What is encompassed in Life Sciences? 

It is a field of sciences that encompasses the study of all living organisms and plant life.

Numerous diverse industries come under the ambit of life sciences including ART Clinics, Mental Healthcare Professionals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Alternative Medicine, Telemedicine, Biotechnology, Medical Practitioners, Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, E-Pharmacies, Biomedical Research, Clinical Research Centres, etc.

What about Life Sciences Law? 

Life Sciences Law promotes and serves the development of new technology in scientific studies by managing the risk associated with their use and protecting their research & technology. This includes a wide array of issues that affects the development, production, distribution and use of life sciences, technology and innovation. 

There is a plethora of legislature that regulates different sectors of life sciences in our country, such as bioethics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, pharmacology, medical practice. These regulations are complex and overlapping such as to create confusion in their compliances. 

The department is providing the following services, among others

  • Pharmaceuticals Industry Regulation & Compliances
  • Intellectual Property Management and Protection
  • Medical Devices Regulations & Compliances
  • Counselling
  • Clinical Trials, Research Regulations, Compliance & Policies
  • Contract Management
  • Life Sciences x AI Regulations & Counselling
  • Medical Ethics
  • Privacy & Data Protection in Life Sciences
  • Licensing & Assignments of IP
  • Mergers & Acquisitions in Life Sciences’ Industry
  • Biotechnology Law
  • Bioethical Compliances and Counselling
  • Healthcare Regulations, Compliances and Legal Management
  • Franchising

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