University School of Law & Legal Studies is organizing an AlumniTalk session with esteemed alumni Ashish Bhardwaj and Rohan Shridhar on 2nd October, 2021.

About the Organizer

Established in 2001, USLLS’s objective was to run Five Year Integrated Professional Law Courses and to serve as an institution of advanced legal studies. It was the first University Law School established in the vicinity of the Supreme Court, Delhi High Court, various subordinate courts, commissions, tribunals, and various monitoring offices of national and international voluntary organizations. Its Faculty is selected to prescribe higher qualifications than the University Grants Commission (UGC).

The approach of the law school is to develop a positive attitude in students and make them realize that the lawyers are an integral part of the system of adjudication, determination of policies, and setting up of standards for regulation of various activities through relevant institutions.

Legal Entrepreneurship & Incubation Cell (LEIC)

Legal entrepreneurs approach the law (of any jurisdiction) as though it is a marketplace, akin to the manner in which the classical business entrepreneur approaches the economic marketplace. Legal entrepreneurship is an inherently multi-disciplinary exercise that moves beyond the classical lawyers’ perceived boundaries. Legal entrepreneurship are thus best viewed as the process of achieving a distinctive, sustainable position in the economic market by the deliberate and innovative exploitation of one or more legal flexibilities. Thus, an entrepreneurship cell is an important branch in any educational institution today.

The Legal Entrepreneurship & Incubation Cell seeks to perform the following roles:

Firstly, it shall act as a think tank to devise new ways to amalgamate legal education with entrepreneurial training. Secondly, it shall ensure that the ways devised by it are implemented effectively so as to produce the desired result. Thirdly, it shall ensure a smooth introduction of entrepreneurial education into the law school curriculum and make an appropriate strategy for the same. The strategy shall be revised from time to time. Fourthly, the cell shall fill the gap between planning and implementation of the entrepreneurial training of law students.

About the Webinar

The event, primarily, is a moderated conversation with two of the esteemed alumni of USLLS, GGSIPU where they will reflect on their journeys, the obstacles they had and how they overcame it. The webinar seeks to cover several themes, including the life of an entrepreneur law student, doing MBA after law, career in big law firms, alternative career options for law students, and much more.

The event will be graced by the most esteemed panel of:

  • Rohan Shridhar, Masters in Law, Co-founder of Terra Economics and Analytics Lab
  • Ashish Bhardwaj, Post-graduate Program in Management, Business Legal Partner at Searce.

The event will be widely publicized and it will be open for all the affiliated colleges of IPU and the host college. We expect a substantial turnout from students and alumni from all branch of studies in these colleges.


Alumni Talk: In conversation with Rohan Shridhar and Ashish Bhardwaj

General Details:

Date of Webinar: October 2, 2021

Time of Webinar: 11am onwards

Medium: Zoom and YouTube Live (Tentative)

No registration fee.

Open only for USS and all Affiliated Colleges of IP University (All Branches).

About the Speakers

  • Rohan Shridhar

Mr. Rohan Shridhar has worked as a bankruptcy lawyer with esteemed law firms such as AZB & Partners and Desai & Diwanji. He holds a Master’s in Law from the Georgetown University Law Centre, Washington DC. He is co-founder of Terra Economics and Analytics Lab (TEAL). Through TEAL, he is realizing his interest in transforming the decision making process for investments in real estate by developing smart solutions through a combination of big data, artificial intelligence and analytics. He has published numerous articles on significant legal developments on adulated platforms including Livemint, Financial Chronicle and Scroll.

  • Ashish Bhardwaj

An alumnus of USLLS, GGSIPU, Mr. Ashish Bhardwaj is currently a Business Legal Partner at Searce. He has previously held the office of Partner at Amicus Legal, Advocates & Solicitors for 3 years, and of Senior Team Member at Illumina: The Market Research Club of MDI Gurgaon. He is an expert in Search Engine Optimization.

He started his journey with an independent practice from Delhi right from the scratch. Along the way, he acquired a keen interest in the business aspects of running the practice. Thus, with an independent practice ongoing, he decided to pursue a Postgraduate degree in management from the reputed MDI, Gurgaon.


The event is open to all students and alumni from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, including USS and affiliated colleges from all courses – law and non-law.

How to Register?

There is no separate registration. Interested persons may join the Whatsapp Group for the event using any one of the following links.

(Join only 1 group)

Group 1 –

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Registration Deadline

Interested persons should join a Whatsapp group by 1st October, 2021

Contact Information

For any queries or concerns, feel free to contact:

Ankit Agarwal: 8584932154

Hemant Krishna: 7782870461

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