Dr. Kafeel Khan’s speech at the Aligarh Muslim University on December 13, 2019, in the wake of an Anti-CAA protest, which subsequently leads to his detention under the National Security Act doesn’t amount to hatred and violence, said Allahabad High court on Tuesday.

The learned Chief Justice Govind Mathur and Justice Saumitra Dayal Singh prima facie held that the speech was not of a such a nature to which if the test of reasonable man applied could amount to the conclusion as the same drawn by the District Magistrate of Aligarh who passed the orders of detention of Kafeel Khan in February 2020. Notably, Kafeel Khan was granted bail by the CJM court at Aligarh on February 10, but he has been continuously deteriorating in prison under the violation of the NSA Act, which was smacked to him by the District Magistrate of Aligarh.

The high court recorded that the speaker during his speech doesn’t reflect in any eventuality that may demand his detention. Moreover, it also at no place, at any point of time threatens the tranquillity and public peace at Aligarh. The address given by the speaker was just a call for unity among the citizens of the nation.

The extension of the period of detention of Dr. Kafeel Khan was also declared as illegal by the court.

The court didn’t find Kafeel Khan’s Speech as a sufficient reason for his preventive detention.

Reported By : Somya Goyal

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