‘Addressing the issues of Maternity and Abortion Rights’ : A Panel Discussion by Project Nyay’ri and National Judicial Reforms Council: Register by 17th November 2023

With great power and rights, responsibilities ensue on an individual as well as the state as a whole. One such responsibility is bestowed upon the state in the context of women who have their productive rights and relating to this, Project Nyay’ri in collaboration with the National Judicial Reforms Council, brings to you a panel discussion on “Addressing the issues of maternity and abortion rights” 

About Nyay’ri 

Project Nyay’ri (a combination of two words – ‘Nyay’ which means justice and ‘Nyaari’ which means endearing and unique) is founded to enable women to feel empowered enough to make informed decisions to seek justice. Project Nyay’ri uplifts and empowers women through a unique three-fold process – a) legal awareness, b) mental health support, and c) peer-to-peer groups.

The core principle of Project Nyay’ri is to make legal awareness and mental health support accessible to women. They aim to do this by removing one of the fundamental barriers that hold women back – lack of financial affordability. Therefore, all services under Project Nyay’ri are offered to women pro bono (i.e., free of cost).

Project Nyay’ri is a joint project founded by Pink Legal and Project Naveli. Pink Legal, founded by Advocate Manasi Chaudhari is India’s first and only digital platform that educates women about their legal rights. Project Naveli, founded by Navya Naveli Nanda is a non-profit initiative that supports gender equality in India through education, economic independence, legal awareness, and mental health support. 

About National Judicial Reforms Council

The National Judicial Reforms Council is a Non-Governmental Organisation under the aegis of  Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. WICCI is a premier National Business Chamber for Women. The council aims to promote an effective judicial mechanism across India. The justice system is the principal instrumentality in satisfying the undertakings in the construction. Speedy justice is a prerequisite for maintaining the rule of law and delivering good governance. The council not only focuses on searching and understanding the lacunas in the judicial system but also bridging the gap to ensure speedy delivery of justice.

About the Panel Discussion 

The panel discussion is aimed at looking into the filing of cases for abortion rights in the Indian courts which is still a regular feature. With the advancement of society in socio-legal aspects, the issue of abortion remains at the forefront of problems faced by women. 

Despite legislative advancements and landmark cases like Roe v. Wade, India’s Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act of 1971 legalized abortion but with specific conditions. Indian courts have upheld reproductive choices as a constitutional right under Article 21, emphasizing privacy, dignity, and bodily integrity. 

In the case of Suchita Srivastava & Anr v. Chandigarh Administration (2009) and Justice K. Puttaswamy v. Union of India and others (2017), the Supreme Court affirmed a woman’s right to make reproductive choices, stating that it falls within the ambit of Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. Despite abortion laws and judicial precedents emphasizing its constitutional status under Article 21, implementation remains inefficient. 

Ensuring effective implementation and adopting a rights-based approach to accessible abortion is crucial and could potentially save lives. These challenges have significant implications for India’s judiciary and its broader political system. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the future of judicial reforms in India.

Details of the event:

  • Timing: 7 to 8:30 pm, November 18th, 2023, via Google Meet
  • Theme: Addressing the Issues of Maternity and Abortion Rights
  • Eligibility: Students/ Researchers/ Academicians from all walks of life
  • Registration Fees: NONE
  • Panelists: 
    • Ms Manali Deolalkar –  A licensed psychotherapist, mental health counsellor & supervisor to Nyay’ri’s mental health wing. 
    • Ms Juhi Arora – The founder and managing director at Juhi Arora & Associates. 
  • All participants attending the panel discussion will be given e-certificates.

To Register:

  • Last date to register: 17th November, 2023 before 11.59 p.m. 

Contact Information:

  • Contact Number: Ms. Priya: +91 9454742769
  • Email ID: njrc.wicci@gmail.com

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