A Webinar Session with Adv. Tariq Ahmad Khan” by ALSA, India in association with ICPRC: 27th April, 2020 @ 05:00 PM to 06:00 PM

About ALSA India

With the core aims of promoting academic and cross-cultural exchanges between India and Asian Law Students, ALSA India shall seek to integrate the activities of law students across the country. The chapter will aim at bringing terms with the international scenario and seeks to establish India as a leader among Asian countries in terms of legal education and exposure and increase the overall standard of students. Besides helping Indian students get international exposure with the help of study trips and exchange programmes, ALSA India shall help foreign students get attached and places in top Indian Law firms.


Arbitration Laws and Practice in India


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Contact Details

Amit Kumar (Vice President, Academic Affairs) – +91 93545 74542

Email Id- vp.aa.alsaindiaobserver@gmail.com

Shreya Sinha (Student Co-ordinator) – +91 99342 97669

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