About School of Law:

School of Law at Bahra University offers B.A.LLB, and LL.M courses covering wide areas of civil laws, criminal laws, international laws and modern scientific forensic and cyber laws etc. Bahra University established the School of Law in the Year 2013 on its campus to offer 5-year Integrated Law Course. Later on, started three-year LL.B. course and 1-year LL.M. course. School of law has completed the nine years with academic excellence. We endeavor to make our students best in whatever they do and polish them into professionals who would make a mark in the legal arena. In order to help the students to achieve their goal in life courses are designed in such a manner so that the capabilities and liking of students are judged and they are helped to achieve their goal with perfection. Legal education is an instrument of social change and lawyers are the social engineers of the society and the role of law, both as an instrument of social change and as a defender of societal values becomes one of paramount significance. Legal education is an important component of the administration of justice. In order, to meet the societal needs the University has established School of law. The basic problem of legal education has been the existence of big gap between law and its practice. In order to bridge this gap, the university has designed a training scheme from the 1st Semester till the completion of the course/degree. The students are required to work in law offices/law firms in a defined manner. They are not only trained to work with the legal material but efforts are made to inculcate reasoning in them to appreciate and solve legal problem in right perspective. Academic standards at Bahra University have remained consistently high.

About the Competition:

The Moot Court Committee, School of Law, Bahra University takes great pride in organizing its 3rd National Moot Court Competition, 2022 which is based on Criminal Law. The competition will provide a platform to students across the nation to put on display their advocacy skills, practical application of laws, to refine their research capabilities, to build up their confidence and professional ethics.

The First Edition of the Competition was won by RGNUL, Patiala and Kurukshetra University were the Runner-Ups. 

The Second Edition of the Competition was won by NLUJA, Assam and RGNUL, Patiala being the Runner-Ups this time. 

Now, this year, we welcome participation from the Best Law Schools of the Country, in the expectation to chisel out the proficient lawyers and judges of the future.

How to Reach Bahra University?

Bahra University is surrounded with lush green flora and fauna in the hills of District Solan, Himachal Pradesh. Bahra University is situated on Chandigarh-Shimla Highway (NH-22), just 90 kms from Chandigarh (north) and 23 kms from Shimla (Capital of Himachal Pradesh). It can be reached by trains connecting Kalka to Shimla. Nearest railway station is Kaithlighat, 5 kms away from Bahra University on Kalka-Shimla Heritage rail route. Second nearest station is Shimla 23 kms away from Bahra University. It can also be reached by air routes where Chandigarh and Shimla happen to be the nearest airports. Shimla Airport is 23 kms far from Bahra University.

The moot hosts will arrange for a pick-up facility at Waknaghat from the road point, if transporting by road, and from Kaithlighat Railway Station, if travelling by Rail service only if informed in advance.











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  1. The 3rd National Moot Court Competition 2022 is scheduled for 19th May 2022 – 21st May 2022
  2. The venue for the event is Bahra University, Solan (Waknaghat), Tehsil, Kandaghat, Distt Solan, Himachal Pradesh, PIN – 173234


i. Winning Team Rs.25000
ii. Runners Up Team Rs. 11000
iii. Best Speaker Rs. 5000
iv. Best Researcher Rs. 5000
v. Best Memorial Rs. 5000


  • Each team shall comprise of Three (3) members ONLY out of which two (2) will be speakers and one (1) researcher.
  • Arguments shall generally be in English only.
  • The competition is open for bonafide students pursuing five year and three years LL. B course.
  • Teams should not disclose the identity of their institution during the course of proceedings in the Court Rooms. Any disclosure of team identities shall invite penalties including disqualification.
  • Each team shall be provided with the unique team code for the competition.


  1. The Registration form complete with all Team Details must be submitted online by bahrauniversityscl.mcs@gmail.com
  2. A registration fee of Rs. 5000.
  3. No change in the names of the participants shall be permitted after the receipt of the Registration Form.
  4. Teams should clearly mention the names of all participants in the team, including course, year/semester of study and contact no.
  5. No team would be facilitated with the certificates during the competition. The same shall be provided only in the Valedictory Ceremony. No certificates will be sent through courier.

Online Registration: All the participating institutions have to confirm participation by sending an email consisting of a scanned copy of registration form to bahrauniversityscl.mcs@gmail.com by 10th May 2022. However, on the next date of online registration the Payment of Rs. 5000/- is to be made and the last date of payment is 10th May, 2022, receipt of which is to be sent to the Moot Court Society Mail.  

Registration by Post: The duly filled in hard copies of the Registration Form along with a clear print of receipt of INR 5,000/- (Indian Rupees Five Thousand Only) must reach the Organizers by 15th May, 2022

Address for Post: The hard copy of the Registration Form along with receipt shall be sent on following address only through Speed Post/Registered Post.

Payment: Payment of INR 5,000/- (Indian Rupees Five Thousand Only) shall be drawn on the favor of the PRESIDENT (INCHARGE) MOOT COURT COMMITTEE, SCHOOL OF LAW, BAHRA UNIVERSITY. Payable on the A/C Name Umesh Kumar,  A/C NO. 30249497200, IFSC SBIN0002490.

The participating teams must send their Registration Forms accompanied with Payment Receipt only through Speed Post. The teams shall solely be responsible for any kind of delay in receipt of Registration Form.


Inside the court room the participants shall follow the below mentioned dress code:

  • Females: White Kurta, Black Salwar and Black Dupatta or White Shirt and Black Trousers along with the Black Coat and Tie.
  • Males: White Shirt, Black Trousers, Black Tie along with Black Coat and Black Shoes.


The participants would be provided Accommodation for the period of the Competition in the premises of the Institute. Please note that separate accommodation will be provided for girls and boys. However, they may sit together for team work in the library/café of the institute. You are advised to check the weather conditions of Shimla before leaving from your native places. The University would start providing accommodations on 18th May 2022 by 12:00 P.M. and participants would have to vacate the accommodation provided by the University by 11:00 A.M. on 21st May 2022. Also, the teams will have to pay a sum of Rs. 500 per person at the time of registration on 19th May, 2022 as accommodation and meal Fee. 


  • All the rounds shall be on Knock Out basis EXCEPT Preliminary Rounds.
  • These shall spread over a period of 3 days –
  • Preliminary (Both side)
  • Quarter Finals (8 Teams)
  • Semi- Finals (4 Teams)
  • Grand Finale (2 Teams)


  1. The criteria of marking shall be the court wins in each court room in Preliminary Rounds. In case of tie, cumulative marks of the teams will be taken into consideration including even the Memorial marks.
  2. MARKING CRITERIA FOR THE ARGUMENTS: Each Speaker shall be marked on a total of 100 marks by each Bench Judge. The following will be the Marking Criteria and the Marks allocated to each speaker by each Judge in all Rounds:
  3. Appreciation and Application of Facts. (30) Marks
  4. Identification and Articulation of Issues. (10) Marks
  5. Application of legal principles. (20) Marks
  6. Use of authorities and precedents. (20) Marks
  7. Response to questions and Presentation (20) Marks


  • Each team shall be given a total of 25 minutes (maximum) to present their case inclusive of Rebuttals
  • Each speaker should speak for a minimum 10 minutes.
  • One speaker shall not take more than 15 minutes of the total time.
  • The maximum time for Rebuttals and Sur-Rebuttals is 5 minutes.
  • Each team will get a total of 40 minutes to present their case inclusive of Rebuttals.
  • Each speaker should speak for a minimum of 15 minutes.
  • One speaker shall not take more than 25 minutes of the total time.
  • The maximum time for Rebuttals and Sur-Rebuttals is 10 minutes.

The maximum time provided would include the time that each team may wish to reserve for their rebuttal/sur-rebuttal. At the commencement of each session, the team shall notify the Court Officer/Court Clerk regarding the division of time between the 2 speakers (including rebuttal/sur- rebuttal)


  • All teams must submit the soft copy of their Memorials for both sides. Also, the teams shall bring along SIX (6) Hard copy of their typed Memorials for both sides which shall be submitted at the time of Formal Registration.
  • The Memorials must fulfill all the following specifications;
  • Cover page / Cause title
  • Index
  • Index of Authorities
  • Statement of Jurisdiction
  • Synopsis of Facts
  • Statement of Issues
  • Summary of Arguments / Pleadings
  • Body of Arguments / Pleadings
  • Conclusion / Prayer
  • The memorials shall not be in more than thirty (30) pages and the Arguments Advanced shall not exceed more than fifteen (15) pages.
  • The Memorials shall be typed on A4 size page in Font type: Times New Roman, Font size: 12, 1.5 line spacing & 1-inch margin on each side. OSCOLA pattern of citation shall be followed.
  • The Cover Page of the Memorials must follow the following color scheme, 

Blue for the Petitioner Cover Page and Red for the Respondent Cover Page. 

  • The Memorials must be spiral bound ONLY. Each team would be provided with a MEMORIAL CODE at the time of online registration which will be mentioned on the top right-hand side of the cover page of each memorial in BOLD LETTERS
  • The memorials exchange will be for Preliminary Rounds, Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals & Finals.
  • The Memorials must not contain any Annexures/ Photographs / Sketches/ Exhibits/ Affidavits etc.
  • Memorials that do not comply with the above-mentioned specifications will be penalized.
  • Identification of any type on the memorials shall invite disqualification.
  • One soft copy of memorials of each side (in PDF format) and scanned copy of Travel Form must reach the organizers latest by 15th May, 2022


  • Memorial from each side shall carry total of hundred marks. 
  • The following shall be the criteria for marking the memorials:
  1. Knowledge of Facts (10)
  2. Knowledge of Law (10)
  3. Proper and Articulate Analysis (10)
  4. Evidence of Original Thought (10)
  5. Grammar and Style (10)
  6. Correct Format and Citation (10)
  7. Extent and Use of Research (20)
  8. Clarity and Organization (20)
  • One soft copy of memorials of each side (in PDF format) and scanned copy of Travel Form, must reach the organizers latest by 15th May, 2022 on bahrauniversityscl.mcs@gmail.com 
  • The subject of the email should be “Submission of Memorials for BU-___”. The file names of the electronic copies of the Memorials must contain only the team code and the side being represented (P for Petitioner & R for Respondent). 

Eg. Petitioner Memorial of BU-301 should be named “BU301_P”


  • Each team shall comprise of two (2) speakers, as has been specified earlier.
  • Court language shall be English.
  • Each team will have a maximum of twenty-five (25) minutes to present their Oral Submissions in Preliminary Rounds. No speaker will be permitted to address the Court for more than fifteen (15 minutes). This includes the time the speaker addresses the Court during the rebuttal/sur-rebuttal. The maximum time for rebuttal/sur-rebuttal is five (5) minutes.
  • The maximum time allotted in semi-finals and final shall be forty (40) minutes for each team. No speaker shall be allowed to address the Court for more than twenty-five (25) minutes. This includes the time the speaker addresses the court during rebuttal/sur-rebuttal. The maximum time for rebuttal/sur-rebuttal is ten (10) minutes.
  • At the commencement of each session of Oral Submissions, each team must notify the Court Officer of the amount of time that the team reserves for their rebuttal/sur-rebuttal.
  • At the commencement of each session of Oral Submissions, each team shall notify the Court Officer as to the division of time between the 2 speakers.
  • If any speaker continues to speak after the completion of his/her time, he/she shall entail penalty, which shall be upon the discretion of the judges.
  • The final decision as to the time structure and the right to rebuttal/sur-rebuttal will be that of the Bench Judges.
  • During the course of oral submissions, the participants cannot submit to then court any material containing pictorial representation whatsoever. Further the participants will not be permitted to make any audio/visual representation nor will they be allowed to use personal computers, laptops and any other technical or mechanical device during their oral submissions.
  • Speakers shall not be allowed to pass annexures to the judges; instead, the teams may make a compendium of annexure that shall be given to the judges before the start of the proceedings.
  • If at any instance, a submission is made with any material in violation to the above clause and if any picture, sketches, photos, cartoons, caricatures, audio film, video film, projector-slide or a computer-generated image is submitted or presented to the court, the teams shall be disqualified from the competition forthwith.
  • During the course of the Oral Submissions speaker shall neither reveal his/her identity nor the identity of their University / College by any means whatsoever.


Scouting is not permitted and it shall be deemed to have happened if the Speakers, Researcher or any other person affiliated with a team is found: 

  • Witnessing, hearing, observing, etc. the oral submissions in an oral round, except where the oral round is the final round or one in which the team to which he/she is affiliated is participating in; 
  • Reading a Memorial of a team except where: it is of the team to which he/she is affiliated; or the Memorials have been obtained on account of an exchange of Memorials prior to a Round of the team to which he/she is affiliated. 


    • Information given to any participant of a team shall be deemed to be communicated to the whole team. 
  • Registration fee once paid are non-refundable.
  • In case of increase in Covid cases the competition will be shifted to online platforms instead of offline platforms. 
    • The Proposition is neither intended to nor does it attempt to resemble any incident or any person, living or dead. Any such resemblance is purely coincidental. The Proposition is a fictitious factual account prepared for the purposes of the present Competition only and it does not attempt to influence or predict the outcome of any matter whatsoever. 
    • The copyright in the Memorials submitted by the teams shall vest with the administrators. The acceptance of such vesting is a precondition to participation in the Competition.
    • The Administrators reserve the right to amend, alter, vary or change, in any manner whatsoever, the Rules governing the Competition, which would be communicated to the teams within a reasonable period. 
  • All the Covid Guidelines as present in Himachal Pradesh are mandatory for the teams to follow.


  • The Moot Court Society of the School of Law, Bahra University shall function as the administrative body for all purposes of this Competition. 
  • An Appellate Tribunal comprising of the Dean (Law), H.O.D. (Law), the President of the Moot Court Society of the Bahra University and two other independent persons to be appointed by the Dean (Law) shall settle appeals from the decisions of the administrators. Decision of the Appellate Tribunal shall be final and binding.
  • Any kind of Misbehaviour will not be tolerated and can also lead to direct disqualification of the team.
  1. Notification of the Competition and Release of the Moot Proposition
1st April, 2022
  1. Last Date of Complete Registration
10th May, 2022
  1. Last Date of Submission of Receipt and Hard Copy of Registration Form
15th May, 2022
  1. Last Date for Seeking Clarifications
10th May, 2022
  1. Release of Clarifications
11th May, 2022
  1. Last Date of Submission of Soft Copy of Memorials and Travel Forms
15th May, 2022
  1. Formal Registration (Reporting Day)
19th May, 2022
  1. Draw of Lots and Exchange of Memorials
19th May, 2022
  1. Researcher’s Test
19th May, 2022
  1. Preliminary Round and Quarter Finals
19th – 20th May, 2022
  1. Semi Finals and Final Round
21st May, 2022
  1. Valedictory and Prize Distribution
21st May, 2022

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